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  1. Varadero fender extender

    Bodgers Corner
    I'm thinking of making a homemade fender extender for my Varadero. It seems if the front flap was about 10cm longer it would protect the engine from all salt, dirt etc splashes. Has anyone done this and how did you do it?
  2. MRA x-careen short link

    Hi, don't know where to find this. Impossible to find on the web. Anyone have or know where to get the short link for the MRAx- screen flap? mine only came with the long arm link, thought it would come with both, but obviously not, and I am looking for the short /no arm link.
  3. sump guard bit folded in

    Africa Twin
    Ok...stupid question, but I am a curious bugger.. I have used an AT sump guard on my alp and it fits just fine, however there is a small section which has been made into a flap and folded in...can you guys illuminate me as to its function on the @... it seems to be harmless/useless on the TA R.
  4. Rear mud flap anybody?

    is it any good or still better hugger ?