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  1. DID 525 chain flaring

    What's the best chain riveting tool available to use and which is not so costly? There are quite a few on ebay and want to know which design is best to flare the pins. Also, any idea about the proper outside diameter of the flared stakes on a DID 525?
  2. I'm the victim of an insurance scam --- update

    Some of you may remember this thread I posted last year ( it was deleted by the Mods at my request and Whealie's advice ) Basically, my wife was driving into town, car containing four adult eastern european people stopped in front of her, typical cash for crash scenario. Well, got word back...
  3. How long does a torn tendon take to heal?

    Ive a torn atfl on my foot, diagnosed after xray at a&e last Tuesday. Rest, Elevation, Ice and Ibuprofen where the orders for a week. Done.....I can take my weight on my foot as long as I keep it straight, havent got the full range of movement back, painful to point In/Up or Out/Down. I can at...