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  1. Only crappy when it rains

    Dominator / FMX
    My indicators pack up when it rains. The lights come on but don’t flash. Same whether left or right is selected. All bulbs working ok. I’m no electrician and wouldn’t know how to use a meter to trace a fault. But given that all four bulbs work, the problem occurs on both sides and the switch...
  2. XL250s indicator / turn signals staying on and not flashing

    Updated with resolution - XL250s indicator / turn signals staying on and not flashing Hi. So the first problem has cropped up with the "new" XL. The indicators come on but do not flash so I suspect the flasher relay. Can anyone point me to the location of the relay please so I can do some...
  3. Wonky winker no winky.

    Dominator / FMX
    Out on a cold, wet ride today. Nearing home my indicators started playing up - lights come on but don’t flash. Same whether indicating left or right. Hopefully just a bit of moisture in the flasher unit and will right itself when it dries out. Anyone here experienced something similar? Sent...
  4. flasher delay

    I've just bought my first transalp, an '02 XL650V, specifically for a trip around Europe which I'm sure it will take in it's stride. However when I indicate to turn left or right there is a delay of 5-10 seconds between using the switch and the indicator flashing. I've changed the relay but...
  5. Flasher relay wherabouts??

    After washing the 650 yesterday, the turn signal lights stay on, instead of on and off. The swich works fine, so there must be sth wrong with the relay. Can please smb tell me where it is, so I can check it??
  6. Faulty flasher unit?

    Africa Twin
    Last week my bike's indicators suddenly started playing up, sometimes refusing to work and at other times working at double speed as if there's a blown bulb. The unit was replaced 15 months ago. I've checked and cleaned all the connections with no change. At times I can hear the unit "ticking"...
  7. Stupid question. Width of an RD03 at rear flashers.

    Africa Twin
    Can anyone check the width of their RD03 from outer end of one flasher to the outer end of the other. That's basically barely less than the gap between panniers. And while we are measuring stuff, how wide are the handle bars? TIA Lee
  8. Brake light woes on XR250

    Just been rebuilding the electrics on a ex army XR250RV 1997/8 model , every thing had been hacked out of it. Started with the brake lights and side lights, refitted the indicators, wired back in a flasher units and now everything works apart from when the indicators are on the brake light...
  9. RD04: LED Indicator hell... stormforce, help me!

    Africa Twin
    Hey, I recently installed 4 shiny LED indicators on my RD04. I also added a LED flasher instead of the classic one. Now when I turn on the indicators, they all 4 lit up like a christmas tree. They are correctly connected! I did not add a resistor yet (!) because I'm not sure if I nee done or...
  10. Indicators take ages to activate

    Hiya. In this cold weather, my indicators are taking a long time to activate- I'll press the indicator switch, and sometimes it won't go at all, and sometimes it will take 10 to 20 seconds to start indicating. Once it's flashing it's fine, but it's just getting that first flash. It can be quite...
  11. LED Flasher Connections

    Mechanical Advice
    I'm trying to fit LED indicators and the LED flasher unit has connections marked L, P and X. Anyone know what connects to what? Thanks
  12. Flasher Relay: Specific-v-Generic?

    Hi there Apologies if this has been asked before, but I have searched the forum for advice without success. I need a flasher relay for my '03 650 'Alp. I have searched online and the going rate for a model-specific relay appears to be about 20 quid...however...there are any number of generic...
  13. Honda XR400R indicator flasher relay

    I have bought a Honda XR400R in New Zealand where we are currently living, originally from the UK, and I am at present trying to make it road legal. In New Zealand you have to have indicators to do this. I got a wiring loom for the indicators off UK Ebay. Its a 5 pin female adaptor and I am...
  14. Help Required with Blinkers/Indicators Flasher Can

    Africa Twin
    1988 RD3 Model Africa Twin Does anyone know the part number of the flasher can? It is a rectangular black plastic (32mm X 23mm X32mm tall) box with two flat prongs coming from it that are 90 deg. to each other. I have looked at the blow out views of the XRV650K.pdf that someone sent me and the...
  15. Indicator Flasher Relay + LED

    Africa Twin
    Humph. I replaced all my warning lights on the dash with LED's today. (Get one of these little packs, very useful! All the colours you need and enough of them Anyway. They all work, very well too, excpet that the indicator...
  16. Indicator flasher unit on the way out

    Africa Twin
    Before I start taking things apart to check, what are the symptoms of the indicator flasher unit going? In the last year the indicators have been taking longer and longer to come on and start flashing. Now I click the right indicator on and it takes 20 seconds before it starts to flash, before...