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  1. XL250s indicator / turn signals staying on and not flashing

    Updated with resolution - XL250s indicator / turn signals staying on and not flashing Hi. So the first problem has cropped up with the "new" XL. The indicators come on but do not flash so I suspect the flasher relay. Can anyone point me to the location of the relay please so I can do some...
  2. indicator flashing speed

    Africa Twin
    Hi, my newly bought RD07a has aftermarket indicators on it and they flsh quickly like normal one would if a bulb was out. Is there some way I can get around this withutnhaving tomsource some originals?
  3. Pesky Hiss

    how to stop the Hiss light flashing, turn on the ignitionpress the lower button on the dash the light should stop flashing with the ignition off, mine keeps flashing what am i doing wrong please Neil
  4. Problem with ABS

    hi ;) One quick questions... on my vara 2007 abs light flashing sometimes ,not always. when abs light dont blinking ,abs work normaly... the diagnose is: code 14.. that means something on electric... any ideas ?... i was chek the charging system and works normaly. Thanks
  5. xr 250 md 30

    Hi , i have a problem with the rear indicaters . they will light up but not flashing like the front ones can someone help me please. thanks Steve
  6. Indicators flash rate

    Africa Twin
    For last couple years my head was melting ....:mad: indicators have mind of there owen ! Flashing to fast or slow sometime just stay on or wouldn't work at all and effect headlights... cleaned relay still same , so got cheap relay of fleabay now everyone can see where I'm going :D no more abuse ...
  7. Merry Xmas and a Happy new year to all....

    From all the Vaders... HoHoHoHo what you cant see is the blue and white flashing stars :cool:
  8. Headstock torque and loss of indicators flashing !!!

    Africa Twin
    Ok so im changing out the ball bearing headstock bearing for the bigger tapered ones , so what torque should i use ? Also was in a huge rainstorm last night at the Ace Cafe and since that the indicators only light up but dont flash any ideas ? :thumbup:
  9. xr400 brake light flashing

    I have all standard equipment, we I think it is it swas supplied as new. When braking and turning my brake light flashes. The indicators have 21w bulbs headlight brakes all standard. I have checked the ground and think its ok. Any ideas?
  10. Iluminated flashing bra

    Thought that would get your attention :D My wife is doing a midnight walk in aid of breast cancer and all the girls are wearing their bras outside. After a grouse fuelled party, I agreed to make her a bra with flashing lights powered by a small 12v battery thingy.You know the sort of thing --...
  11. flashing woes

    Dominator / FMX
    As previously advised i have just bought a flasher relay as mine went walk abouts in a theft attempt on my dommie it arrived this morning and as ever im clueless about what to do with it it looks like this so any help in where it...