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flat battery

  1. what's the best optimate charger??

    i am having flat battery problems. whats the best Optimate charger? there are a number of different models (the bike lives outside the house so i can't leave it on charge all the time)
  2. Cordless Screwdriver

    Sometimes you forget how good old kit was. No flat battery problems here! Yes, I am decorating. Get it done before the good weather arrives and I order my new AT.
  3. New RD04 first podt re new bike

    Africa Twin
    Bike came this am snd seems fine, brakes needed bleeding and a flat battery which is being charged. First weirdism. The cooling fans come on when I turn the ignitition on. Is this normal?
  4. @ breakdown, flat battery and possibly the regulator

    Africa Twin
    Enjoying very much my @ that I bought last week but when I pulled into the petrol station for my second fill up it wouldn't start, lights were very dim and nothing happened when the starter button was pressed, I moved it out of the way while I ate my Ginsters Scotch egg, cheese and onion crisps...
  5. I've moved to THE DARK SIDE

    Well, Managed to pick up this little beauty yesterday My neighbour gave it to me, been lying in his garage for the past 15 yrs, 33k miles on the clock and in need of some serious TLC :D 1978 R80 so tax exempt I think :confused: A bit grotty around the gills, but hey am I bovvvvered...
  6. camera batteries?

    in the recent past my family have had several compact cameras and i had a bridge camera (loks like an slr) some of these cameras have developed a problem with battery usage. my bridge camera, practica luxmedia, uses standard aa batteries (not rechargeble)when it was new it was a good little tool...
  7. I hope it's just a flat battery

    went to set off for work this morning and the bike wouldn't start :( clock reset and the usual chatter from the starter relay suggesting a flat battery and when I got it on charge it's certainly down, I'm just a bit paranoid as I had to have a new (well second-hand) starter last June and it's...
  8. XL700-flat battery and wont start!

    Hi guys, Looking for bit of advice re my XL700VA-trickle charger got accidentally switched off and now battery is flat-tried jump start from good battery but all i got was abs pump running continuously and nothing else-no dash lights,headlights or hazards etc.,.. nought! Not too sure where to...
  9. Rectifier shenanigans

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I have been posting for over a year now about battery problems, I have been through 3 batteries before I changed the rectifier( a second hand one from bay) anyway I was out all day yesterday on my bike and then in the evening a went to start up the bike and lo and behold, flat battery! Is...
  10. For Sale: cheap GS500 and XJ900, near Edinburgh

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    2 bikes for sale near Edinburgh. Posted on behalf of a friend. The owner has had to give up riding (shoulder injury). I can confirm this is a genuine reason, but I have no other knowledge of the bikes. Asking price is only £300 for each, would make excellent commuters, winter or back-up...
  11. Strange electrical problem... '96 RD07A

    Africa Twin
    Recently i had been having problems with a flat battery, i narrowed it down to a fried R&R which i replaced, along with the old boiled battery. Now, starting from 2 days ago (when i went through a 2 foot deep 'puddle') the electrics keep totally cutting out when i press the start button, i get...
  12. Help with strange charging rates...PLEASE!

    Africa Twin
    Hi boys and girls, this morning my twin failed to start due to a flat battery. I completed a 150mile round trip Saturday, left it for a day and this morning nothing. I have checked the charging rates; At idle, no lights- 14v ish:D With headlights and projector beams-...
  13. Mid winter start up.

    Hi all, been quiet here on the Vara pages this week! Any way, just thought I'd let you all know I fired up the Vara for the first time since I put the Vara off the road first sign of salt on the roads, around mid November. So, well coated with ACF50, prep pro and WD40, cover pulled over and...
  14. XL600LM oil woes

    Hi all, I have an XL600LM which I bought off a garage who then had it back because of a problem with 5th gear jumping. Long story short I got the bike back after 3 months and then it ran ok for a further 4 months then siezed. Took apart and the pain started. One cam lobe was almost round and...
  15. Got it!

    What a day, it started like this.... Got F800st out of garage....flat battery:( Race against time to pull it to bits so that I can get at the battery under the dummy tank to jump start it....all OK then. Ride like a nutter to a doctors appointment so that I'm not late, every slow moving...
  16. Mayday luck

    I rode to hastings today for the monster bike meet and green man festival. Some random guy painted my nose green telling me it would bring good luck. Within 2 hrs I had a flat battery and a puncture ! Give me a wave on the A27 if you see a grumpy guy with a green nose playing with an iPhone. Its Me!
  17. Fault info Please

    Africa Twin
    went out for a ride yesterday of about 130 mile's and all was well. I came to the bike today and it would not start,sounded like a flat battery :( So had to bump the bike off and ride 30 mile's with out the light's on. I stopped for a brew for about 30 minutes ,and The bike started straight...
  18. Flat battery, now over charging

    Africa Twin
    Took the twin out on sunday, had to jumpstart from an old car battery i have in the shed, went a short run, i have an acewell trip computer which shows battery was charging fine at around 13v. When i got back I gave it a quick blast with the hose to remove the road salt n sh*t, When i got back...
  19. minus 5

    on my commute today got a little cold despite heated jacket and grips the roads were suprisingly grippy as it has been so dry down here there was no ice have to admit I almost wimped out and took the car, but it was dead with a flat battery, transalp started first click :)
  20. Hot Grips

    Africa Twin
    Just fitted Oxford Hot Grips on to my AT, wow they are great. I have wired the live straight to the battery, does anyone have any ideas where it would be best to wire the live lead via the ignition, I think this would be better as I don't want to leave it on by mistake and have a flat...