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  1. Puntures / flats

    Africa Twin
    Went out on the AT yesterday after not riding for over 3 weeks due to a shoulder operation :( I did 40 miles with no problem. Its was a nice day today so I though why not well I got to the end of the drive and thought all is not well:o The rear was flat as a pancake so much swearing and I got...
  2. Fairing bolt chewed and stuck fast

    Africa Twin
    Evening All When I bought my bike I noticed that some of the large fairing / cowl fixings were chewed up and two weren't correct. Ordered some new ones and have managed to get four of the five undone but one is absolutely stuck fast and in a sorry old state. The cross head is non existent and...
  3. 10 years with my Africa Twin

    Africa Twin
    May be of interest to @ owners - it's 10 years ago today I picked up my new @ from my local Honda dealer, Kent Motorcycles near Canterbury. What are my thoughts on @ ownership over this time? Well, it's been a happy relationship with the bike proving reliable and extremely durable over the...
  4. What size is the oil filter wrench?

    Africa Twin
    As I already have one for the 7R it might fit the AT if I knew what size the AT filter is. So, can anyone tell me what size is the filter wrench or else what the measurement across flats on the filter is? This will just save me buying one off ebay then finding out it is the same size as my...
  5. CCTV Advice

    Folks I'm looking for some advice on a cctv system to install after some recent vandalism. The bikes are probably safe in the garage, but someone decided to throw a large rock, like a chunk of breeze block at my car recently. What's worse is they somehow missed the windscreen they were aiming...
  6. XR6 spitting flames!

    Dear All My 1992 XR600R keeps missing/cutting out. I never really have the throttle flatstick, i but it seems every time I do the problem starts within about 1/4 mile. The first sign of cutting out was when I'd cleaned the air filter and and forgot to refit the side panel. I got home, fitted...
  7. The most revolting town in Britain?

    Well I'm currently in Harlow and the thought has crossed my mind that this is perhaps the most revolting and dreary town in Britain. I did consider Luton and that is a close second but Harlow clinches it. 1)Nasty 60s architecture 2)Nastier station and bus station 3)Derelict offices 4)The...
  8. AT Fork Slugs

    Bodgers Corner
    Bought myself a lathe and milling machine recently and have been having a little play!! Thought I'd try and make some fork slugs to match my rose jointed adjustable rear links, here's my first attempt...just need to work out how to use the milling machine now to mill the flats on the top portion.
  9. 17000 hard miles by the look of it

    Africa Twin
    Looks to me like it's done 17000 miles across salt flats :confused: Honda AFRICA TWIN 750cc only 17,931 Miles MOT July 2010 on eBay (end time 31-Jan-10 19:15:23 GMT)
  10. For Sale: Brake pads, tank bag, soft panniers, and some FREE stuff.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Practically giving the stuff away as it's only taking room in the shed. Ideally would like them collected - I live near the North Circular in London. The price does not include p&p. - Kyoto brake pads for AT, two sets of two pads, SOLD; - Tuareg magnet tank bag. This has been excellent for...
  11. Bulgaria to UK on Africa Twin

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    :withstupid:Hi to everyone first time of posting a thread so please bear with me as im a bit of a technophobe Flew from Luton to Varna Bulgaria to pick up the bike.Two new tyres fitted so everything looked good for the start of our adventure(how wrong can one be) Left Varna 2days later to visit...
  12. XR 650 Aussie style

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Seeing how I own a web site in Australia and an XR, my two closest mates own big XR's, one of my moderators (and mate) owns another XR I get to do a lot of riding in a hell of a lot different areas (not just near home Mick ;)) I have been lucky with the amount of riding I have done and the...
  13. How easy is it

    Thought I would link these in XRs as they seem to get the most flats, and I for one have struggled to change a tire as a novice And theres this smart arse...
  14. Heavy duty inner tubes

    Africa Twin
    Overlander Inner Tube question Hi guys, I have a RD04 and want to fit Ultra Heavy Duty inner tubes for my trip, (plenty of desert / rough roads)... I have Anakee 130/90 – 17 65s tyres on the rear but my local tyre dealer, also ex traveller on an AT said Michelin tubes would not be ideal… the...
  15. hoofin great nail

    Bugger got a nail in my rear anakee today proper flat had to buy a part worn to get home. be putin a tube in it it's too good to throw away. I always get flats at the weekend:mad:
  16. Grrrrrrr £@<$!^& Estate Agents!

    Apologies if there are any of said Estate Agents who peruse these pages, but I'm not a happy chappy tonight. I've been looking since before Christmas to move. I've outgrown my little flat, and really do need a garage for the bike and all the bits and bobs that go with it. Not to mention...
  17. Buying a Flat in London

    Just had an interesting long weekend in Chelsea a friend of mine wants to buy a new flat, with views over the Thames at Imperial Wharf Chelsea. He was out of the country and asked could i act as his agent. So far so good. However being "his agent" meant standing outside the sales office from 5am...
  18. Oz - Condo Cross Country Rallye

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well it was a memorable weekend !!!:D :D I headed out to Condobolin in central NSW to checkout the Condo 750 2 day cross country rallye. It’s a mini version of the Oz Safari / Dakar with bikes and cars competeing including 2 Oz Advriders – GTAus and rjf I got away from work about 4pm on thurs...
  19. Motorbike flick

    Don't know if any of you have been lucky enough to see the movie "The World's Fastest Indian" yet, but I thoroughly recommend it. Based on a remarkable true story, funny, poignant and stunning photography. Stars Anthony Hopkins as an old New Zealander, who sets off from home to beat the world...
  20. Good Service Centre in South London?

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Does anyone know of a good service centre in South London please Brixton, Streatham etc? I have had my AT for 5 years now and must have come across every cowboy in business. As a SAFFA i am not that familiar with some of the old school service centres that may be around. Unfortunately i live...