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  1. Paragliding

    Does any one here fly?? Whilst away I took a course and I'm hooked, I want more experience though before I fork out and buy harness and glider. Just wondered if any one here flew "Ride out Fly out" seems a great combination
  2. Big boys and their big toys.

    Things have moved on a lot since I last flew them! Andy.
  3. Output shaft bearing is kaput......

    Africa Twin
    Any ideas what to do now? Rebuild? Break it? Sell it on? What'll make me the most back from it in the least time? Read a few past threads and still not sure which direction to head. As of yet it's still in France in a van being brought back home as we flew back Yesterday! :rolleyes:
  4. AT seat flew away - inspirational pictures sought...

    Africa Twin
    AT seat flew away - inspirational pictures sought to build a seat from scratch... Hi; my AT seat flew away while on being moved on a trailer. This puts me in an "interesting" situation (and hopefully, will generate a few laughs on your side). Anyways, as the original seat was very hard...