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  1. funnel recommendations

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all, looking into carrying some extra fuel on the ole Dizzy, I'm cool with the jerry can, but fed up of leaking flexi tubes, so wondered if anyone has tried something that works well, I've seen a nice looking one by sealey, but you cant beat a recommendation. I want that go go juice on the...
  2. exhaust pipe flexi tube

    Dominator / FMX
    Flexi exhaust pipe tubing FLEXI EXHAUST PIPE TUBE WITH A PAIR OF CLAMPS SIZES 51mm. 54mm. 57mm AND 60mm. | eBay Your thoughts on this I have seen this advertised and thought could I should I try this product.? I am trying to connect(on my Dommie flattraker project) a xl header pipe to Honda...
  3. For Sale: Autocom Pro-7-Sport

    For Sale / Wanted
    My other Autoccom unit NOT redy to be wired in,i used to run it off a 9V Batterie comes with 2 leads One is a connection lead for a Zumo Satnav and the other is a flexi lead where you can plug your own earphones in Looking for £75 +P&P
  4. How much swingarm flex is normal?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I've got an Africa Twin RD04 swingarm on my Transalp. I'm testing out some new tires, and the handling just doesn't seem as confidence inspiring as I remember it being back in the day (i.e. years ago, on stock suspension), so I got off the bike and had a close look at everything. I...
  5. Home made Aero screen trim

    After visiting Chad on Sunday he planted an idea in my brain regarding the Vara's screen. He suggested that I could get a piece of flexi-glass (which I have obtained) give it a slight bend (I'm thinking of boiling water at this stage) and bolt it to the top of my screen, slightly higher, with an...
  6. Flexing bars - bar mounts

    Africa Twin
    Ive got some rox raisers on my bike and they work well, but I find that the bars actually flex forward and backward when the road becomes very corrugated. Could they actually snap? It seems to be the bar mounts on the triple clamp.
  7. Time for another outing down Devon way

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Anyone fancy a meet up for a few hours/ miles either next Sunday (7th Feb) or the following Saturday afternoon (13th Feb) and clear the cobwebs. Was thinking just the afternoon so 12-4 ish, I'm flexi with the venue and route, just testing the water (otherwise I'll be a billy and enjoy it all to...
  8. Will these fit?

    Looking to replace the rear indicators, managed to snap the r/h rear taking the cover off a few weeks back! Silly question, do these fit and if they do how easy a job is it? UNIVERSAL MOTORCYCLE FLEXI STEM INDICATORS - OVAL LENS on eBay (end time 27-Nov-09 13:47:39 GMT) Thanks!
  9. XL600 OIL COOLER bodge/mod

    Well in order to cure the hot head problem i have stuck an oil cooler on the xl. The cooler is from an xt600 and has handy fitting eyes that make mounting a doddle.and the flexi pipes are standard 10mm heat resistent oil pipes. Total cost for parts is appx £40 plus mates rates for a welder...
  10. Luggage question Vara 1000

    Ok, might be a silly question to some of you well off folk on here but most Scotsmen will understand where I'm coming from! I was looking for side boxes for my 09 Vara 1000, I looked at metal mule? All I can say is "good grief!" Next was genuine Honda, £600 for two side boxes? Mental or what...
  11. Are Honda Service S###e or is it my dealer ?

    Latest on the list of "faults" with my 07 TA 650 is front wheel spokes seemingly on the loose side (some/ not all) Contacted my local dealer a month ago - "Mmm, never heard of that i all my 30 yrs of biking" the Service Manager said !! (not sure if 29.5 yrs were spent with nothing but cast...
  12. DIY panniers and Switzerland

    I have gleaned many useful bits of info from this forum in the past, so I thought I may reciprocate. A few words on DIY panniers for the TA. Frankly, new hard panniers and fitting rack are an extortionate price, so a DIY solution seems a good idea. The panniers themselves are not a real issue...
  13. Xr400 2005

    For Sale / Wanted
    For Sale is my XR400 2005 which I bought 1 year ago - It had been purely used on road so I had to "make good" for trial riding.. Its has a CRD sump guard / CNC machined exhaust baffle / Mitas C02 tyres (plenty of wear left) / Michelin extra HD tubes / Flexi number plate (original as well). I...
  14. Aaaaarrrrrgh, tyre pressures!

    Bodgers Corner
    Well, thats what I think every time I go to the petrol station to get mine sorted. I can never get the infator hose through the spokes and onto the valve, especially at the rear as the valve stem is very short on my rear wheel so its always a right faff on and I hate doing it...
  15. Ok, a few to get us started ;-)

    Bodgers Corner
    Woooo, my own special corner on the site :rolleyes: Here's my 'sh*t kit', left in place for the winter, keeps salt & crap from all the inaccessible places around the engine - fine for ambient temps up to 15 to 18 deg C. Ok, here's a home made sump protector, made from stiff alloy sheet...
  16. ALDI: Minidrills (similar to a dremmel)

    Discounts / Deals
    Not sure how long they've had them but we've just bought from Aldi a mini drill kit similar to a Dremmel for only £14.95. It comes complete with flexi-entender, loads of bits, tile cutting attachment and two different size collets. It's variable speed and also had changable electric brushes on...
  17. 1200GS Screen on 650TA

    On Sunday I was tidying the garage and a screen fell on my head (it had been stored in the roof since I sold my 1200GS). Fortunately it was bubble-wrapped but it got me thinking..........the screen on a 1200GS isn't particularly big but it offers good protection, and now the weather's getting...
  18. Here's my high guard

    Africa Twin
    I know you've all seen ATs with high mudguards, but I finally got round to fitting mine so I thought I'd show you it. A big thanks to Shack for donating this mudguard, which was originally on his Dominator. In the end I didn't mount the rear to the brake line mounts because I realised...

    4994 posts as of 20:45 - c'mon Chad you can do 5K tonight - get them pinkies flexing.
  20. Overhauling brake calipers makes brakes spongey: discuss

    AT had it's annual trip to the dealers (I know, I know...) for service and MOT. Collected the bike, jumped on, front brake lever almost comes back to the bar. Hmmm. Tweaking the span adjustment stops the lever coming back close to the bar, but still far more spongey than it was before it...