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  1. A month in March

    I posted this on the Hubb....thought I'd share the link here in case anyone fancies it. Timing is not nailed on, but more a guide, and I'm flexible on duration. Would like to stick to Feb/March though,as I'd like to do another month trip in Sept/Oct to the Balkans/Romania. A month in March -...
  2. Smart flexible garage

    Die Motorradgarage - Technische Daten Smart thinking. /K
  3. South-Mid Wales (roads), Sunday 16 June

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I'll be going for a ride on Sunday 16th - weather permitting! - so if anyone wants to meet up, let me know. Route flexible but may take in Brecon, Llandrindod Wells, Newtown or Aberystwyth. Please note that this is Father's Day, so don't go AWOL and get yourself into trouble, you hear? (I'll be...
  4. Stupid Fuel Tap Handle

    Africa Twin
    Yup, I broke it...for the second time!:mad: Has anyone fashioned a flexible idiot-proof alternative for part no. 11?
  5. For Sale: screen for sale for at

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a spare tall screen for sale as I have bought a new black one for my AT. It is in ok condition but has some marks on it. It is smoke colour at the top and black at the bottom, it does not flick at the top. I am looking for about £20 plus postage unless anyone wants to pick it up. I will...
  6. flexible paint

    Africa Twin
    anyone used this? rear shock spring....can't decide whether to powder-coat (cracking?) or get it blasted 7 dip in this. Plastidip Red Flexible Paint 429ml Can Plasti-Dip | eBay
  7. flexible exhaust pipe

    Mechanical Advice
    I recently got a cheapo Motad Venom end can and unspecified link pipe, but I am struggling to make the 2 marry up and fit my bike. Have contacted Motad about them supplying something, but also thought about a flexible exhaust pipe. That way I can mount the silencer where I want, and as long as...
  8. Flexible rear indicators

    Im looking at changing the alps rear indicators for some of the flexible stalk type. I want to keep the full length and size that the originals are. Looked on ebay and m+p without any sucess. Since I moved the indicators when I fitted the panniers they stickout like a pair of wingnuts, which...