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  1. Crf450 rally

    If this goes into production ( and i think it might) i'm having one just watched the video of it in testing the thing looks awesome and absolutly flies.
  2. Fly Swatter

    Try your luck, hours of fun for everyone :D Fly Swatter Game - Killing Flies & Killing Time
  3. Laos and Cambodia by Africa Twin

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ok, have fully recovered from the China trip, and have more or less caught up on everything on the home front. Time to roll baby ! This time I wanted to head over to Laos, and make one final attempt to get to the top of Lima 85. Then head to south Laos, into Cambodia,then end up in Pattaya. The...
  4. Flying BMW??

    What do you get if you pour red bull into a bmw's petrol tank. It flies!!! I wonder if Dave wants to try it with his bike??? Kymmy :cool:
  5. Rusty Nuts Grand Challenge 2006

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Once a year in a land far far away a group of hardcore bikers gather for a weekend of pain and perseverance. A campsite in a small town in the middle of the north island of new zealand becomes the centre of operation for the Rusty Nuts 1000 mile grand challenge. Riders come from all over and...
  6. Where have you all gone?

    Dominator / FMX
    Its unusually quiet in here :? - hope your all out riding your bikes in this fine weather? I've been out for a few great evening rides - only problem is bloody flies - splattered all over my bike, and baby bunnies running into the road - thank god i've not hit any yet! The last time i did...