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  1. winters end

    I saw this years first flight of northbound crane's today, that has GOT to be a good sign, winter must be nearly over cos they aren't often far wrong with the migration instinct.:thumbright:
  2. Rubberchicken is high..

    :toothy10::o BBC News - A rubber chicken's flight into the Earth's atmosphere :toothy10::toothy10::toothy10:
  3. Chad's KTM Test Day ...........

    ........ He came , he saw , he conquered !!!! Well, the most eagerly awaited test ride in history "happened" today. The day got off to a VERY ominous start , after WEEKS of planning , the Big Man got on his flight bound for Glasgow - on time , no problem !! His host however, was having...
  4. Coincedence?? I think not!!!

    Two headlines from BBC news today and I'm seriously wondering if it's a coincedence or not :) Prince William on his first solo flight Airliner crash-lands at Heathrow Kymmy
  5. THE CHEAP WAY DOWN (a bit) PART 1

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The Cheap way down Part 1 I had taken the dog out for a walk on boxing day and thought how great it would be to go for a ride with the roads being empty but I couldn’t even do that since I had sold my Africa Twin a month ago thinking that I wouldn’t be doing much riding over the winter and it...
  6. Spooky, or what

    I've not checked on the authenticity of the facts listed in this; it could all be totally made up crepe. But if it's real it's worrying. Particularly the Wingdings bit! The Secret behind the number 11 1) New York City has 11 letters 2) Afghanistan has 11 letters. 3) Ramsin Yuseb has 11...
  7. India

    Just booked a flight to Delhi India. Gonna buy a bike and get lost. While i am there this road is a must Just touched the Sky Watch the video, the highest road in the world Bill:D
  8. what do I get next?!

    I now own my 2 favorite vehicles from recent motorsport history, a Celica GTFour (nicely modded for killer handling and about 300bhp) and an Africa Twin (Black and therefore fast...!). Both were (imho) the icons of their era in their respective motorsports and I love owning them, but what are...
  9. Motad Venom Can and K & N Air Filter

    Africa Twin
    Just fitted these to my old AT and having returned from a short, wet test flight, I must say, I'm impressed. The acceleration is sharper, and the top gear roll on is much more impressive. Well pleased! :D :D :D :D
  10. winter storage - preservation

    Read somewhere on this forum about using vaseline on the rims ... I mentioned it for a flight mechanic, and he was not very impressed. In normal vaseline there is acids he explained, and thereby corrosion might occur. I was recommended WD40 instead and will go for some silicon spray on the...
  11. Northern Scotland XRV Meet - Report

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The Great North Run (no marathon running from this lot though) From door to door, for me 313 miles. Through rain but mainly shine (thank you Met office, you actually got it right) rode the Team Honda, into the valleys of the northern glens. And what a ride it was. 3 set out from Elgin...
  12. Out of Africa

    And early as well!!!! Woo-hoo!!!! Jambo everyone!!!! A "difficult" deployment. We were ready to stay on until early January but a big UN team with heavy gear came in to relieve us. Soooo, one UN flight from Garissa to Nairobi, one late night flight back to London(8hrs), 3 hour drive home this...
  13. A question for BREEZE please !

    Africa Twin
    Hi BREEZE, Sorry if i'm being cheeky, but am hoping you might be able to help me with a query as you are somewhat closer than me. I am trying to get this front faring from Boano Racing in Caraglio Italy I have e-mailed Boano (Daniele)...
  14. starter relay RD07

    Africa Twin
    on my way to airport the other day when bike misfired,backfired.....and stopped! on inspection found that the relay(first one after battery)had suffered considerable meltdown(literally)presumably due to it shorting out. had no choice but to be towed to nearest garage(which happened to be...
  15. Bike Found! Northants Police Crap! Read all about it!

    A quick re-cap for you all: My RD04 was nicked during the night of Wed 1st June. Between then and now I have received two calls from the police to say how unusual it was for bikes to be stolen in my village, cant remember the last time etc etc. Unfortunately they didn't ring to say they'd...
  16. Back again , but not on the road

    Hi all, Back again now from a short spell across the river , Had a nice time but wish I had my bike with me. Not one text message to see how I was, Thanks ! and i did think you lot might have missed me .. :evil: :wink: Anyway, I did get to wear my New XRV.ORG T-shirt on the flight out and...
  17. Calling Samwise

    Bloke who sits next to me at work was planning to ride to the Island either the last week of May or the 3rd week of June (either side of thebig event). However he's just been offered a really cheap flight, so he wanted to know if I knew anyone who could recommend a bike hire place. He's a road...