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  1. fuel pumps

    Mechanical Advice
    no not yet another thread on a knackered @ pump!... I bought a posi-flo to do some tests with on the xtz but now im not so sure that this is the right pump to use as its unions are npft ( thats a 27 tooth tapered thread) and that means i cant either get the bits and pieces i need to do the rest...
  2. New Facet 60000 Series Fuel Pump

    Africa Twin
    Curious to know if anyone has fitted one of these to their AT yet. Specifically the Model 60104 which runs 1.5 to 4 psi. The KTM guys have been using them already in their 900's. It's pretty much the same Facet 40105 we are already using except they claim they are more quieter and more reliable...