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  1. Do you realise?

    I am sure that some members are are aware that tomorrow is the day that Marty Mc Fly went back in time in Back To The Future 2 to save his old fella in that tuned up stainless steel flop of a car. How many of you lot watched the film and believed that all of the stuff you saw in the film back...
  2. AVRO Vulcan

    Anyone looking out for this weekend Vulcan flights? One today and one tomorrow. Probably the last time it will fly. Today's flight is planned to pass over our house! It will fly over the Derby Rolls Royce factories and then North. Hoping for a good view as some light clouds are starting to...
  3. When is a closed road not a closed road...?

    ...when you have an XL. Took the scenic route back after the 'milk run', and despite the clear message of 'don't bother', I did. Very satisfying, wet boots not dampening the enjoyment. Can't wait to get this thing fettled and registered properly, then it's of to Achill Island to do the...
  4. Paragliding

    Does any one here fly?? Whilst away I took a course and I'm hooked, I want more experience though before I fork out and buy harness and glider. Just wondered if any one here flew "Ride out Fly out" seems a great combination
  5. Screen cleaning advice needed

    What is the best way to clean my Transalps screen ? I never seem to be able to get it totally clean. I've soaked it in the bath for 24hrs but the dried on fly residue just won't come off. I don't want to scratch it anymore than it is already is so any advice/tips would be most welcome. Thanks.
  6. Anyone near Andover?

    Okay, this is serious as I'm about to put a deposit down (via paypal) on a bike in Andover. So, if anyone could offer their services to have a gander at it before I arrange to fly over that would be great. Tony 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free...
  7. Fly Swatter

    Try your luck, hours of fun for everyone :D Fly Swatter Game - Killing Flies & Killing Time
  8. bonkers

    this has to be seen to be believed. basejumping in china. Chinese Scenes watch how close they get to the rocks when they fly though the V.
  9. Thailand. Ride or fly?

    I have a new friend in Thailand :D Simple question. Should I ride there, with iran/pakistan/russia/kazakstan/china to deal with :shock: Or should I just make it easy on myself, and fly?
  10. Doesn,t time fly

    10 years ago today yer maun died, Race/Rest In Peace Joey
  11. Fly Drive, well Fly Ride!

    Last year, I was chuffed to bits to have the opportunity to ride in the Dolomites and would dearly love to go again. The problem is the time it takes to get to the Brenner pass area from Blighty. So, I was looking at the possibility of doing a Fly Ride, and get a TA from a dealer on Bolzano who...
  12. Africa twin fly ride holidays

    Hi all This is my first real thread so go easy on me Not sure if this is on here already but a local Honda dealer CJBALL local to me anyway in Norwich UK runs holidays in Spain and sends out several bikes with a mechanic to meet you at an airport in southern Spain Chris the owner tends to...
  13. does any airline fly to the Isle of Skye?

    may need to get from Dorset to Skye and wont be able to go by bike. any flights to Skye? if not which is the nearest airport? cant do train either as too slow/expensive
  14. I Believe I Can Fly ...

    I'm now officially challenging Whealie Esq for his title !! I've been having a ball with my DRZ Ol' Yella and my daughter's boyfriend has now bought an XR400R ............... It's all such fun As you can see we are very safety consious in the wee hoose - our safety equipment...
  15. Who said a TA can't fly?

    And the landing was as soft as can be! Some ezee going. Taking a rest