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  1. slr fmx

    Dominator / FMX
    heres my slr/fmx ive not been on here for a while just fired the bike up today its been stood for 2 years.
  2. Wanted: honda fmx

    For Sale / Wanted
    Any one got an fmx for sale anything considered....
  3. new tyres slr fmx

    Dominator / FMX
    conti twinduros
  4. RD04 Compatible brakes

    Africa Twin
    Found this list. May be of use to some of you. CBR400 RG/RH (NC23)** 1986 - 1987 CBR400 RRK/RRJ/RRK (NC23)** 1988-89 VFR400 RG (NC21)** 1986 VFR400 RH (NC24)** 1987 VFR400 Z** 1986-89 CB600 FSY/FS1/FS2 HORNET** 2000-03 CB600 SY FY/F2 - F4** 2000-04 CBF600 2004 -*2007*** CBR600 F3*** 1995-98...
  5. random photos from Greece

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Tolo, Greece - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Tolo with Africa Twin club Greece Moto wedding (photo from my friend andeli) ΓΕÎ�ΙΚΟ – ΤΑΞΙΔΙΩΤΙΚΟ ΒΙΟΓΡΑΦΙΚΟ « ANDELI ® Bike Traveler Globe Ridersâ„¢ North Evia near the village gouves Euboea - Wikipedia, the...
  6. Worst Album Covers of ALL time !!!!

    Just pinches this link from another forum, worth a look and sooo funny!!!! Worst Album Covers of All Time | The Blog
  7. Dynojet kit main jet for FMX

    Dominator / FMX
    As many others, my FMX with full Arrow, K&N filter and Dynojet kit was running very lean with 160 main supplied in the kit. Runs much better with the stock 168. I ordered 170 and 175 Dynojet mains. Which one do you think can fit better to start?. I live only a few meters at sea level.
  8. Rear rim for FMX

    Dominator / FMX
    I don´t like the way 150/60-17 original rear tire size fits on original 4.00 DID rim. I think a wide one (maybe 4.50) can make disappear the shouldered shape of tire. I can reach the front tire limit (using Michelin Power Race B), but never on the rear by reason the thin rim. Anyone fitted a...
  9. Cardo Rider FM & iPhone 3GS

    Mechanical Advice
    I bought one of these as a way to keep me awake on the bike on long motorway runs with as little power drain as possible and also to use the satnav on occasion. Installation is easy, mostlyl depending on your helmet thoough as it just clamps to your helmets side (or stick the pad as an option)...
  10. IPOD FM Transmitters

    Anyone using one of these FM transmitters that enable your Ipod to be tuned in to a radio frequency? Are they any good or a bit of a gimmick?