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  1. second hand parts for AT

    Africa Twin
    Are there any breakers who deal in second hand spares for the AT? They seem to be a cult bike, there are often dealers who focus on this kind of market. Chunko'.
  2. 2001 CR 250 two-stroke @ ERZBERG 2008

    Competitions / Trials
    Hey there Honda trail riders, I am new to this forum, from what I understand that this is mainly a big bike site but I am seriously seeking help with my list of questions regarding set up for my 2001 HONDA CR 250 R – two stroke motocross bike for Erzberg. I previously posted these questions in...
  3. Info requset from RiDE Magazine

    Just recieved this from RiDE, can anyone here help them out ? Hello from RiDE! I'm contacting you because you're on RiDE's database as a current or former owner of a Honda Transalp, which will be the focus of next month's Bike Chooser feature. This is a six-page feature which details what a...
  4. The "I know a short-cut" tour of Wiltshire byways. Oct 07

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Eight members from S Wales, the West Country etc. got together this morning. The initial idea was to join up with another group riding Salisbury Plain today. When I signed up I said that I wouldn't do any off-roading as my Vara has road tyres. However, things didn't go as expected... We rode a...
  5. The Somme Historical Centre_ France

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The Somme Historical centre, Orchard Farm Martin & Kate Pegler Well after a party trip to France to see the battlefields and cemetarys of the First World War I have NO HESITATION IN PUTTING THIS LINK FOR YOU ALL TO SEE. Good food, Good accomodation, Good Company, Good roads, with Good Hosts...
  6. Olympics

    I have just watched Tessa Jowell on London TV talking about the Olympics and its already massive budget Overun. It was originally budgeted to cost £2.3 Billion Pounds. It is now up to £9.6 Billion pounds. They are coming out with figures like this 5 years before the event. So i will take a bet...
  7. Kid's day out

    Just wondering if there's any mileage in organising a kids day out on the bikes. :?: Daughter number one has met a few kids on outings with me and it just struck me it might be fun to organise something with a kids focus. As this is half baked at the moment - I'm thinking along the lines of...
  8. Bloody bikers

    Sat in my Focus ST today, and some git decides to take out my wing mirror. :x :evil:
  9. Taking responsibility

    Over and over again we hear of incidents where cars pull out in front of bikes. We know they do it, even though they shouldn't, so why do so many people ride like they are in a perfect world instead of expecting trouble? At the risk of getting flamed (and this isn't aimed at anyone in...
  10. STOLEN AT's

    Africa Twin
    The sad news is, there is a pattern emerging here. Every lowlife kid on the block now wants a scrambler to tear-a$$ around local fields and roads to terrorise the community. The AT, is of course a big a$$ bike to them, which will fit their purpose, especailly as it will cost 'em nothing if...
  11. cracked plastic :-(

    Africa Twin
    I've just discovered some nasty not so little cracks :cry: The two screws under the headlight cowl (RD07) that screw the side panel to the front cowl have got cracks running vertically upwards from them towards the headlights. I have not noticed these before and the bike is (nearly) new so...
  12. Hey Modrover...

    Africa Twin
    With a little more effort your bike could look this good. Doesn't look too bad from a distance, does it? It helps that they're a bit out of focus too. The sticker sums it up really. A seamless repair to the bodywork following bouncing it off a Micra. I only taped it up to stop if...
  13. Honda Trail Bikes

    Just wondering... If this site is "bringing UK honda trail bike riders together" and we have (albeit little used) Transalp and Varadero sections, why no XR's or Dominators? Was it a consious decision to exclude our "thumper" cousins and focus on Honda V-twin trail bikes, or do they have a better...
  14. Google Adverts

    With the recent focus on Google Adsense I've been trying to tune it to present some decent ads rather than the crap it can produce. I have the option to filter out URL's that I don't want. Some of the Google ads have genuinely interested me... like the Motorcycle insurance link, etc.. However...
  15. New logo and slogan.

    Guys, Just checking with you about the use of the slogan.. now that I've changed the forum logo. "bringing uk africa twin riders together" I didn't want you to feel left out basically. I did think of "bringing uk honda trail bike riders together" but it was too long. Hmmm maybe I'll play with it...