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  1. Hella Micre DE lights - worth of assembling?

    Mechanical Advice
    I`m looking for some extra spot lights to and these would fit nice. But do they really do their job or are they just as useless as cars foglights?
  2. extra lighting for my Vara 125

    what i need is some 35W spot/fog lamps for the front of the bike done a search of ebay etc and all i get is 55W units which are too much of a strain on my wee battery. (110W extra draw for what i want O.o) so does anyone know where i can get any 35W spotlight/foglights ?? and also legality...
  3. Perfect day, Boxing Day!

    Items for a perfect day: 1. Kids let us have a lay in 2. Better half suggested I might like to try and find DS's for the kids on my own "why not take the bike?" 3. Weather was so mild didn't even need heated grips on 4. Found everything I went out for and didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes...
  4. Foglamps and feeding them with juice..

    Africa Twin
    I have finaly dipped into my pocket and purchased some projector beam foglights which I intend to attach to the engine bars below the headlamp. Alls fine so far but I am unsure wether(sp)? to take a live feed from the headlights or the sidelights or just go straight back to the battery. I have...
  5. how much electricity does my bike make

    I am getting some crash bars soon onto which I plan to fit some foglights. :D I will work out the wiring - there is a thread on here somewhere that has a super simple wiring diagram. This question though is about the TA's ability to run the lights permanently. I am not a 'leccy person and...
  6. Home made headlightprotector

    Africa Twin
    Tikka wrote: I made my own headlight protector. Installed foglights. kiroh wrote : I am interested in both - can you post more info on that? No problem. A other AT rider made 1 and i got his technical drawing I made somewhat different mountingbrackets but used the measurements he gave me. It...
  7. Fog lights

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I mounted foglights on my AT and not the expensive Touratech ones. Some of you seem to want to know how i did it, well here is how. I bought some foglights for a car from the online store Conrad. 2 lights with a switch and wire with a relays. I ditched the switch for a smaller switch. I...