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  1. sump guard bit folded in

    Africa Twin
    Ok...stupid question, but I am a curious bugger.. I have used an AT sump guard on my alp and it fits just fine, however there is a small section which has been made into a flap and folded in...can you guys illuminate me as to its function on the @... it seems to be harmless/useless on the TA R.
  2. Italy and the western islands of the Mediterranean Sea

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    This is a report of our three week trip this year. It was done on my 1150GS so if the moderators aren't happy about it being posted here they can feel free to delete. :thumbup...
  3. Part 2 of my tall transalp: Its now a Mad Max Post Apocalyptic survival bike

    Uploaded with The below one was taken a while ago, I have since cut the rear mudguard extender right back. Part 2. of the story of my tall transalp.. OK, I...
  4. GoOutdoors.

    Was sat with Stuart, Derek (palerider), Rob (Alba), Mike (Mikethebike), Andy (Outrunner) and Paul (PaulS) at the national when i unfolded an aluminium table i had bought from GoOutdoors, it sliced my finger open and a good bit of blood was flowing. Thanks to Paul for the tissue to soak it up...
  5. ldv cub

    i know its not a bike but has anyone had any experiences with these vans? what running gear do they use etc parts availability now ldv have folded? what sort of mileage there good for etc been offered one for a reasonable price and was wondering..... thanks in advance for any replies
  6. Paper folding

    What you can do to Ross Kemp just by folding paper Ross Kemp - Folded
  7. brake master cylinder resevoir rubber diaphragm?

    Africa Twin
    what does this actaully do? - and is it meant to be shaped like an upside down pyramid - or folded up??
  8. A Bimble to Baku

    So last night as the voddy flowed and the wonders of Eurovision unfolded I had a cunning plan and decided to look at riding to next years event, spending the week soaking up the atmosphere then riding home. Ok it may have started at this point when the UK where looking good for a change but...
  9. Would an XR650 fit in the back of an 306 est car....

    Now before you say dont be so fkn daft....hear me out.. I got a CR500 in the back of a Saab 9000 hatch a few years with the back seats folded and both wheels and tank off. I not saying there was plenty of room and was wasnt but I did it, and wondered since the Pug's an est I could...
  10. RD04 Twin Plug ECU needed!

    Africa Twin
    G'Day All. Big Greg (SYD AUS) has invited me to an AUS XRV gathering @ Byrock NSW next month (trust me nowhere near Sydney) but AL the XRV is still dead with only the front cyl sparking & no fuel pump or tacho when running on that one cyl. I need a replacement ECU to get it running before I...
  11. as you slide down the banister of life

    1. Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggert have written An impressive new book. It's called ... 'Ministers Do More Than Lay People' 2. Transvestite: A guy who likes to eat, drink And be Mary.. 3. The difference between the Pope and Your boss, the Pope only expects you To kiss his ring. 4. My...
  12. Red fridays

    Recived this today and thought how right it is Pass it on :thumbup: The Story Begins Last week I was in West London attending a conference. While I was in the airport, returning home, I heard several people behind me beginning to clap and cheer. I immediately turned around and...
  13. ebay oversize footpegs ??? any good?

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi has any one used the £25 pair cast steel footpegs off ebay ?? item 360192842961 Ive bought a pair , they look and fit fine.....but because they are cast and not steel folded and welded like stock im worried they may crack and fail!!! they just seem too cheep at £17.90 +p+p sent from the...
  14. XR 650 Aussie style

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Seeing how I own a web site in Australia and an XR, my two closest mates own big XR's, one of my moderators (and mate) owns another XR I get to do a lot of riding in a hell of a lot different areas (not just near home Mick ;)) I have been lucky with the amount of riding I have done and the...
  15. Easy pootle turns to hell

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A bit of a fright. I finally got ViewRanger installed onto the phone today, plus 640mb of ordnance survey maps of Ireland, the complete set, so to test it out I decided to take a bit of a spin towards the Burren in Co.Clare and use it to find some archeological sites. I found one or two...
  16. Scottish wisdom

    A Scottish Solder in full dress uniform marches into a chemists. Very carefully he opens his sporran and pulls out a neatly folded cotton bandana, unfolds it to reveal a smaller silk square handkerchief, which he also unfolds - to reveal a condom. The condom has a number of patches on it.The...
  17. 12.000 km service

    Pickt up my bike yesterday after the 12.000km service. Did mention upfront that the right plastic trimcover on the tank was lose. Also about a month ago the bike suddenly "smelled" like gas ,even houres after a drive. Went to the dealer ,they removed the tank and saw that the fuel pipe was...
  18. Is it OCD....

    ...just because I like to finish off my frequent (bike) cleaning sessions using the scrunched up corners of a trigonometrically-folded kitchen towel to dry off all the allen bolts + fixings?? My other, better half thinks it might be... Here, there's an unwashed cup on the table over there...
  19. I hate bikes!

    As those of you who were at Jelly's will know I had some electrical problems with my bike over the weekend. I hate electricity, if you have a fuel/oil/coolant leak you can see it, if something is broken you can see, it but electricity moves around your bike under the cover of a multi-coloured...
  20. My elbow.

    My right elbow has been giving me grief for about 3 months now (go on, get the snurking out of the way early), it's been hurting when I pick things up with an extended arm (nearly burst into tears picking a crash helmet up off the floor a few weeks ago) and the hour long commute every day means...