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  1. original front sprocket part number

    Africa Twin
    trying to find the fomnt sprocket for RD07 1995 on david silver spares but cant find it under model number. anyone know the part number so I can search for that?
  2. XR400 AC10 tyre pressure

    Hi could you please infom me as to what pressure you guys run in AC10's on a xr400 on off road please, and does my weight matter to pressures much. thank you in advance Steve.
  3. strange ticking noise fom the engine

    Africa Twin
    i can hear this ticking noise, more like a ratle noise from the left side of the engine but the strange thing is it only comes on when the engine is at normal runing temperature and it goes away when at 1500 revs and above. if i go for a longer run and the temp drops to the second line from...