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  1. Wanted RD7A front disc ....

    Africa Twin
    Hi there people , im after a used knackered rusty front disc for a RD7a ? I will pay the postage or collect as im in Npton , We deal with a very well kitted out engineering shop at work and one of the things they do is produce batches of BSB front discs :D So i was thinking how much to make...
  2. TA 600 Head fooked

    Looks like the welder has fooked my 600 front cylinder head :pain10: Welded round a broken exhaust stud he said he was going to remove. Now there is no way it is coming out. Anyone got a spare front holding open a door or some thing. Just had an idea maybe I could cut out the good section...
  3. Xr250L Baja wiring diagram.

    As well as an 87 XR250R, I have acquired a 1991 XR250L Baja, I believe it was an offical UK import but stand to be corrected (proper twin headlight, large fuel tank one). I bought as a box of bits which ive been (slowly) building up. My problem is I appear to have some electrical bits missing...
  4. What a t!t

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    I dindn't have much to do this morning so thought id have a ride along the river humber and see my mate fishing. Its not much of a ride. 5 minutes and im there but not this morning. Theres about a quarter of a mile on tarmac before i get to a small track that leads to the river which is about...
  5. Few issues yesterday

    Africa Twin
    After taking bike to work for a while i noticed few issues. 1 - suspension shot, its like a pogo stick but maybe that me being used to my last few bikes had trick suspension. 2 - wheel bearings shot. at 60mph the front ones whinned like mad, cure for this was to stay at 70mph for 300km. 3 -...
  6. North West Posse Isle Of Man 2011

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    After a great idea from Hudders, DC, Pigugly and Frad (me) booked it packed it and fooked off to the Isle of Men ;) Breakfast at Peel Posing infront of the Castle:o Douglas in the sun The camp complete with Tarps until they blew away and did damage :( Group hug...
  7. Miffed.

    Took the Alp for its first MOT today. Has been sitting in the Garage for nearly a year, over the past week or so have been on my hols so have lovingly taken her apart, cleaned and fettled, given her new oil, plugs and filters, serviced brakes, gapped the tappets, dusted polished and coated her...
  8. The Alps are calling!!!!

    Right then New chain and sprockets ............... check New Anakee 2's F & R .................... check All documents................................ Check Tunnel booked............................... Check Oil change .................................. still to do :eek...
  9. Cush drive rear wheel

    Basically, as my other thread suggests, I have been looking for a new rear wheel as mines fooked... What is the requirement for the cush drive on the rear wheel, I think I already know the answer... but was wondering if I could fit a wheel to my '88 TA which does not have a cush drive fitted...
  10. Rear wheel corrosion!!!

    I think that someone has posted this before, but can't find it. My rear wheel is the original one on a '88 TA, and is the 'Gold rim' variety. Lately it has been showing patches of corrosion on areas of the rim... not around the spokes. It looks like the metal under the gold bit is lifting and...
  11. What wheels fit the @ eg Transalp etc?

    Africa Twin
    Was cleaning the AT today and noticed the state of my rear rim - tis fooked. I know I had a set of rims and if I had known this was going to happen I would not have sold but hey ho. What other wheels fit? Not too bothered about profiles etc. My options as I see it are : Second hand custom fit...
  12. who else cant sleep

    since my little stay in hospital my bodyclock is fooked and the legs feeling bloody sore tonight:( christ theres some crap on the whats your top tips fpr getting to sleep ? vast amounts of booze are not aloud as im on the anti bio's:rolleyes::D
  13. wanted for MARCINS BIKE

    For Sale / Wanted
    it seems his yokes are fooked so if anybody has a set of yokes for a RD07A please PM stan or me:thumbup: many thanks chad
  14. its amazing !!

    Other Bikes
    what you can achieve with a 4inch disk cutter a big hammer and a welder:D :D :D :D and some 22mm tube;) some of you may remember a guy called stefan who came with me and maveric to sailsbury plain back in the days when i had moby.. well this is his old 1150 gs :p it was...
  15. 700cc Deauville

    Well, at the risk of some pretty severe heckling I thought I'd tell you all about the two hours I recently spent in the company of the new 700cc DV. *ducks behind lecturn to aviod thrown tomatoes, touratech catalogues and motoX style boots* Basically - I'm sorry and embarrassed to say - I...