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    Did anyone else see the programmed "Licence to Kill" on BBC3 the other night? If not it is well worth watching. The programme is presented by Sophie Morgan, who was paralysed herself after a road accident. The only problem I have with the programme is the footballer's "momentary" lack of...
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    I'm not a fan of him or any other footballer but just seeing the news i think that a decent thing he's done, donating his salary to charity. The blokes already got more money than he'll ever spend to thats a nice thing to do. Good on him On the flip side seems the bankers are at it again...
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    A six-month suspended sentence, 300 hours community service and two-year ban for killing a biker when he fell asleep at the wheel of his car. Former soccer star admits killing biker - Local News - Hastings and St. Leonards Observer
1-3 of 4 Results