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  1. Foot pegs for XL700 from other bikes

    Hi I am trying to find a way of adjusting the rider foot pegs position on my XL700. The stock footpegs are in my way when I stop at the traffic light and I want to move the 2-3 cm to the front or to the back. I know that SW-Motech had some pricey kits for the XL700, but are not available...
  2. Rd04 - changing dials from kph to mph and footpegs

    How to.....
    Hi, this may have been covered but I see on ebay that a company do a pretty decent inlay for the speedo/dials for the RD04 anyone ever split these dials open to replace them? Could really do with swapping the KPH to MPH and the dials are faded pretty badly. any advice would be greatly...
  3. Wanted: Big Footpegs wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all I'm looking for some hefty footpegs for my 2003 xrv750. Any conditio Touratech or Ruggedroads or similar. Can't really afford new so hoping maybe I'd get lucky by asking here. Thanks
  4. For Sale: Transalp xl650v3 for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys, After 7 years of faultless service (the reason I bought this beauty!), my Trannie is now for sale. As mentioned above she is an '03 plate with nearly 56000 miles on the clock. Despite her mileage she has been completely faultless and there is still no need to check the dipstick...
  5. For Sale: Pd06 transalp xl600 parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    I've sold my transalp so have a fair few bits going spare, not looking for great money for anything and am willing to post items out, U.K. Only though all bits are off my 1989 model xl600v and may fir other models. I will try and put pics up ASAP and am open to offers. I have 2 sets of forks...
  6. Heavy Duty pannier rack install

    Africa Twin
    So the racks arrived today, all nicely wrapped up and with a bar of Romanian chocolate included :) I'm gonna have a crack at installing them (roadside) tomorrow and was wondering if there are any tips and tricks I should should know about or that you guys care to share? I've got the fitting...
  7. Wanted: 95 XRV750 front footpegs with rubber...

    For Sale / Wanted
    .... or where to find rubber for the enduro pegs I have on now... ....they will not allow me to get the bike registered without rubber on the pegs...and don't know who fabricated the ones I have on now ..see pictures... this is the bike: Regards Arf Norway
  8. For Sale: FS Brand new RD08 Dominator rear shock + stainless downpipes + rd02 footpegs

    For Sale / Wanted
    having sold my 99 dommie ( RD08 ) my spare OEM rear shock is up for grabs . Brand new 370mm eye to eye. RRP £593 ..Yours for £160 posted ] photo here Also stainless downpipes in excellent condition £50 posted here .....still availble as buyer changed mind and finally pair of footpegs off early...
  9. FS Brand new RD08 Dominator rear shock + stainless downpipes + rd02 footpegs

    Dominator / FMX
    having sold my 99 dommie ( RD08 ) my spare OEM rear shock is up for grabs . Brand new 370mm eye to eye. RRP £593 ..Yours for £160 posted ] photo here Also stainless downpipes in excellent condition £50 posted here....... Still available as buyer changed mind and finally pair of footpegs off...
  10. For Sale: Dominator stainless exhaust /crash bars/pannier supports/Carb/CDI/temp gauge/footpegs

    For Sale / Wanted
    Due to the recent sale of my dommie i have the following for sale Stainless Predator twin silencer exhaust (superb deep sound ..louder than stock but not oppressive + still legal) Some discolouring but top quality, totally solid and in VGC . Very expensive...
  11. For Sale: Africa twin from aim for the horizon dvd

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Not for Sale Africa twin from aim for the horizon dvd Please can a mod delete this thread thx After much thought I have decided to treat myself to a BMW1200wc so I will trade her in on Monday sale agreed etc. So should anyone on here want her I will take £2600 which is a bargain, only problem...
  12. AT lower foot pegs

    Africa Twin
    Right after finally getting round and fitting my jack up kit and getting my bro To extend my side stand i'm after some lower footpegs. Does anyone use them and can you buy them ? My bro is quite happy to fabricate some lower pegs but does anyone know what needs doing to make these ? Cheers Bob.
  13. Removing the RD04 bash plates - advice needed

    Africa Twin
    RD04 tinkering/service - advice needed So I finally started work on the RD04 today...well, me and Mr.Haynes. Here's my to-do list.. Stuff requiring removal of petrol tank check/replace spark plugs (all of them) - tidy up the garmin cables - have a general poke around check out the choke...
  14. Help needed re: TA 700 seating position (bars, seats, pegs etc)

    I have just got a TA700, with a standard seat on it I'm 5 foot 11 inches tall, long arms and legs. I rode a TA 600 for many years and loved it. I can't seem to get comfortable on the TA700, The bars seem too far away and too low down. Hence its more like a "lean forward" sports riding...
  15. Would these footpegs fit an A/T?

    Africa Twin
    I've been looking for some wider footpegs for my A/T and stumbled across these, FootPegs Foot Pegs Honda CR 80 XR 250 350 400 600 650 | eBay, do you reckon those will fit an A/T?
  16. TA 700 shares footpegs with?

    Hey guys, Been looking for a way to lower my footpegs on the TA 700, searched all over for a while and have stumbled on a few good choices. But what I'm really wondering is, which other models does the TA 700 share footpegs with? It could really widen the ebay search to know which, if any...
  17. For Sale: XL600R Footpegs and hangers

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, trying to clear the man cave a bit and have these rear footpeg hangers from my old XL600R on an A plate, tatty but solid. £25 posted UK.
  18. Footpeg rubbers - good or not so? Do you have the same pegs...

    Hi all, Kind of thought I should get some footpeg rubbers to reduce the vibrations, i dont think these are original Alp footpegs- - can anyone tell? And there seems to be a screw hole in the centre to add the rubbers, any thoughts? I cant see a brand name on the pegs, so makes life tricky to...
  19. Footpegs NX650 '94

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi there! Since last monday I'm the proud owner of a 1994 Dommie with 54.000 kms on the clock. Although I should do some routine maintenance it seems the engine is kept in very good condition. I would like to use it 50/50 off-road/road so my plans are: - Crash bars - 50/50 Tyres (Heidenau K60...
  20. Finally upgraded my AT -> KTM 1190 Adventure R

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Finally caved in and bought a new KTM 1190 Adventure R with all the trimmings: For AT owners the R edition is a very natural purchase, the geometry is very similar as is the weight. Obviously it has a lot more power but in rain mode it is very manageable in the wet. Brakes are amazing as are...