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  1. Be Safer on the Trail with New O’Neal Element Boots and Save 20% on a Purchase!

    O’Neal Element Boots are some of the most popular among off-roading enthusiasts. And there are a few good reasons for that. First – they feature premium design, high-quality materials, and have a durable construction without breaking your bank. Second – they offer good protection to your feet in...
  2. Wheels Africa twin "MARATHON"

    Africa Twin
    Hello, Forgive me for my approximate English is that of GOOGLE translation ^^. I am selling this pair of wheels from 650 africa twin MARARTHON. These are real reinforced wheels (the rim is bigger at the spoke nuts and the spokes are bigger too). These rims come from my MARATHON who will go to a...
  3. Wanted: Stefter Reinforced Sprocket for XRV750

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hello. Please PM me if you have an unwanted reinforced Stefter sprocket for an XRV750 that you no longer need. Thank you!
  4. RD07A fuel leak and fix

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone, I noticed my Africa Twin has been smelling of petrol somewhat lately but I just ignored it as I had no time to look but I was forced to when I had to fill the tank 30 miles earlier than I expected. The leaks had become serious and there were petrol stains on the engine. Fuel was...
  5. Stefter Reinforced Sprocket

    Africa Twin
    Hi there, Does anybody got a spare reinforced sprocket and wouldn´t mind to sale it? Tried to contact Stefter the french guy who make them with no success...and also the waiting list seems to be a mile long. My countershaft is too knackered to carry on using the bike! Thanks in advance!
  6. Differences between '88 RD03 and '89 RD03

    Africa Twin
    I've looked for differences between RD03 my but I haven't found anything. I'm not talking about differences between countries, but differences between a 1988 RD03 and a 1989 RD03. From what I've seen, the 1989 RD03 doesn't have grese nipples on the rear swing arm and the front hub is...
  7. Reinforced sprockets by stefter

    Hi everyone. Due to popular demand, I am starting another group buy for the "world famous" Stefter sprockets. On the last GB we had several of flake-outs. It is not disastrous as I still managed to sell everything, but it just took longer than expected. The next Group Buy will require a...
  8. Reinforced sprockets by stefter

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone. Due to popular demand, I am starting another group buy for the "world famous" Stefter sprockets. On the last GB we had several of flake-outs. It is not disastrous as I still managed to sell everything, but it just took longer than expected. The next Group Buy will require a...
  9. For Sale: Kappa Givi Topbox Givi Monokey mounting plate £35

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Kappa Givi Topbox Givi Monokey mounting plate £35 SOLD A Kappa Givi type topbox and mounting plate to suit. I think the box is about 45 litres the dimensions are Width 52 cm, Length 42 cm, Height 29 cm The box locking plate has been reinforced-see picture and there are some scuff marks...
  10. For Sale: Steel Braided Brake Hose

    For Sale / Wanted
    These front brake hoses have been part of the Boano Sachs 48mm USD Fork Kit which I bought for a 1998 RD07a. Since I was forced to use another brand (Swiss MOT Regulation again :(:(:() I now want to sell the ones that came with the fork kit. 35Eu + postage. PM me if you're interested. If...
  11. eBike site dead again...??

    I have been trying to get on to the eBike site over the past day or so and although the front page comes up ok, as soon as I try the Login page, the following comes up: The client area is currently undergoing essential maintenance. We apologise for this inconvenience, we will be up and running...
  12. Calculating alternator output?

    Mechanical Advice
    I want to know how much spare capacity, if any, my Honda NX4 has so that I can work out what extra electical equipment I can put on it safely without causing deep unhappiness at the side of some European road! Things like heated grips or vest, extra LED lights etc etc The mobile phone running...
  13. Radiator hose questions

    Africa Twin
    I'm going through the process of replacing all my coolant hoses on my RD03. Since it's damn near impossible to find the majority of the OEM shaped hoses, I've decided to go with some wire-reinforced silicone hoses from ASH: Wire Reinforced Silicone Hoses - - Silicone Hose...
  14. For Sale: Alloy adventure pannier boxes medium size

    For Sale / Wanted
    A pair of used alloy adventure pannier boxes manufacturer unknown, with mounting kit. The boxes are mounting pucks currently positioned for Transalp Givi frames. The pucks can be repositioned if required to fit different frames. The boxes have reinforced lid corners, tie down loops and spring...
  15. Honda SLR650 Ignition barrel

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello. I had my SLR650 stolen, I have now had it recovered. The steering lock has been forced off breaking the ignition barrel. The wires and base contact have also been ripped off the bottom. Finding it impossible to find a second hand or patten parts. Does any body know if the...
  16. Did my workshop mess up the wheel assembly

    Africa Twin
    I bought an Excel rear rim and a spoke set from Rugged Roads this fall. I am really happy with both service and kit. However, when I had the spokes and rim fitted to my bike (at a local workshop) I got a little apprehensive when they told me that I needed to "retighten the spokes as they were...
  17. Robens Voyager 3EX

    Product Reviews
    Since I sold my Kyamm I been looking for a replacement tent which is lighter and packs smaller. I thought the Coleman Phat 3 would do the job but it turns out I am about 2 inch to tall for the tent. Ticks all the boxes regarding pack size and weight but I push the inner onto the outer tent with...
  18. Quick trip to Norway this weekend

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Bored out of control. Weather forecast promising. Time for a weekend trip to Norway. Route: Pictures: Left home on Friday at 1800 hours. Stopped by some friends in Åmål and had a beer. Started at...
  19. For Sale: Tent clear out

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm starting to get rid of some camping gear. First is an Exped Big Bear tent 4,95m / 194" A perfect tent that performs equally well as an expedition base camp or as a refuge on a family outing. 1,75m / 69" 2,50m / 99" 0,75m / 30" 1,55m / 61" a a> Easy to pitch: 3 color coded, hooped poles...
  20. Should umbrella users be treated like bikers?

    After trying to walk in London in the rain yesterday I propose a new legislative programme: Nobody be allowed an umbrella without first taking a theory and practical test. All newly qualified umbrella users to have the size of their umbrella restricted for the first two years. Anyone accused...