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  1. Drunk drivers!

    I was watching t.v. the other night (10.30) when i heard a what sounded like a bomb going off outside my house,i went outside to find my Transit van 20ft further up the road from where i had parked it and a Ford Fiesta at right angles to the road with n/s front ripped off and my van looking like...
  2. For Sale: xr250 1998 supermoto/dirtbike

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi folks, long time no post! It's time for the xr to go, I don't ride it anymore and fancy getting something newer and different. Here is a link to my ebay advert 1998 HONDA XR250 Supermoto + spares | eBay Based in NW Kent near Dartford, looking for £1600 O.N.O. Please contact me on here or...
  3. Sammy Miller Museum 30th October 2015

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi, Really late notice but I have decided I'm off to the Sammy Miller Museum tomorrow; I will be leaving Colchester about 08.00, at the Dartford crossing just before 9.00, Fleet about 10.00 and at the Museum a little after 11.00. If anyone fancies it I'll see you either on route or at the...
  4. bent bars

    HI PEEPS Bloody only gone and crashed the tranny ( 650 ) in a local ford got covered head to toe in mud but was only shaken thank the lord , Fortunatly the tranny seems ok apart from a bent set of bars . anyone replaced there bars , if so whats the best no / little fuss option ? thanks
  5. Green laneing

    Does anyone know any good green lanes in herts ? Found a few round potters bar , Hertford area but Would be good to find some more , cheers !
  6. Looking for a favour

    Just wondering if anyone who lives in the Stratford upon Avon area is attending the Birmingham NEC on the 22/11/14. I've bought a set of wheels off eBay and was wondering if anyone would be good enough to pick up my wheels and meet me at the show for an exchange? A big ask but it would be much...
  7. ADVENTURE OVERLAND SHOW, stratford racecourse

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    anyone else on here going to this years adventure overland show at stratford racecourse? its the last weekend of september, more details (but not many!) here it was good to see how the big boys do it but there was a...
  8. ATR Thetford Safari 2014.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    As per the header, however this site won't let me post it up directly as it says that it is too long, and I've no intention of hacking it about or posting it in installments, so here's the link. The Thetford Safari 2014 Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did both in participating and...
  9. Between Xmas and New Year....

    What you guys doing? For the first time ever I am off between the 24th and the 2nd of jan. Anyone fancy a rideout, meet up, breakfast? Maybe a few little lanes since I am back on knobblies? Maybe the odd ford thrown in? Or all of the above? How about meet up at Rykas down to Ditchling...
  10. ebay ads

    Some people know how to sell stuff, could only be from essex WICKID SICK FORD FIESTA ZETEC S BLACK | eBay
  11. Ford database

    Great Roads/Routes
    in a homage to Dod's work on the High roads, I found a link for all the known fords and wet roads in the country, just enter and click on your county, only had a quick play but looks good. Enjoy
  12. Fords

    I've mentioned in the past that fords aren't really a thing in the Netherlands. I was lying. I found one right on the Amsterdam ring road tonight. Deep, too. The wave went right over the top of my head. Though that might've been the bow wave of the coach blasting through right next to me...
  13. Lloyd Cooper Watford

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Went in to have the rear tyre replaced and very impressed. I can definitely recommend them - fantastic customer service, lovely staff, very helpful and they even cleaned/lubed the chain when adjusting it. Oh and free coffee/hot chocolate :D:D
  14. RWB spotted in Bishops Stortford

    Africa Twin
    Same colours as mine. DAO Parked up. Im working opposite in the big van. Come and say hi
  15. The ATR Thetford Safari

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    To anyone who enjoyed last Years National over in Sunny Norfolk, Adventure Trail Rider will again be hosting their 'Thetford Safari' this Year, based at Banham, next door to a fabulous Zoo and not far from the lovely Sandy Trails of Thetford Forest. More info over on the ATR site.
  16. crossing a ford

    Motorbike Ford Crossing Fail! by gixxer86 - Car Videos on StreetFire
  17. Just a couple of pics from todays ride out...

    Took my XR400 out today.... Did not fancy going through the Ford as the river level is still high Great fun anyway... Thx lars
  18. 2012 National - Rideouts and potential ride leaders..

    National Organisers
    This is what I initially proposed, Thetford Forrest / Peddars Way Trail Ride Scenic Road ride North to the Coast to the see the Seals Scenic Road ride South along the Suffolk Coast Swift road ride that includes main beach highlights from both of the above. Possibly including Wells, Sheringham...
  19. Gearbox question

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi Peeps Non bike related but after some guidance or has anyone had the same problem Went out in the boss's car this morning. It's a Ford Galaxy 1.9 TDi130 6 speed 126,000 miles fully serviced regularly every 10,000 miles Reverse was a bit harder to engage, drove to the shops no problem. Upon...
  20. Thetford Green Lanes

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi Everybody Looking from a group or buddy to do some green lane, off road riding in Thetford Forest Very new to the bike (1 week) (wife claims its a mid life crisis!!)and have no idea of routes and so on............ Running a 96 RM250 (Off Road Only), Live in Bury If anybody knows of routes...