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  1. Sore forearms and adjustable brake levers

    Africa Twin
    I am riding through heavy traffic in Norwich twice a day during the rush hour and do a hell of as lot of filtering, because I of this I have two fingers over the brake lever all the time. I've only been doing it for a month but have found my forearm and third and little finger throbbing/aching...
  2. Tiger 800xc test ride

    Test Ride Reports
    A good friend recently traded his (55 reg) 650 Alp for a Tigger. Tonight, I took it out for a spin ;-) ...... 1st impressions; the engine is sweet & soooo smooth with nice, strong linear performance from pretty much tickover. Once up to speed you notice how poor the standard screen is with...
  3. Buffalo Dart jackets

    In September time i had a £20 Honda voucher so i spent it on a Buffalo Dart jacket for offroading I only wanted a cheap jacket for work and offroading got decent gear for long distance and bad weather also don't want to leave anything expensive in a locker at work. First time it rained i had...
  4. Revit Navigator Jacket bargain

    Just had my Revit Navigator jacket delivered from FC Moto in Germany. Bargain price of £230 including delivery. Ordered Sat afternoon and delivered Dhl/Parcelforce this morning! This jacket used to retail at £380 alongside the top of the range Cayenne Pro but didn't sell as it hasn't as many...