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  1. Gentlemen doing Lunch?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Forecasts are not bad for Tues/Wed, any Gentlemen (or indeed ladies) fancy doing Lunch somewhere in Mid Wales this week? Wevver Ride to the agreed joint, eat and chat then depart. Caff at Crossgates or the Ponderosa... or any other suggestions? Crossgates does give a belting ride wherever you...
  2. Nessie and Lulu go out in the country

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Despite forecasts to the contrary, today dawned (relatively) warm and dry in Leicestershire :cool:. Not having been out for a while, Nessie had been looking at me longingly every time I opened the garage door, so today my friend and riding buddy Chris brought his trusty purple CBR over, and off...
  3. Metcheck ?

    Hi, anyone else here use Metcheck, I rely on them for the weather but it won't work for me recently. All I get is 'Data Temporarily Unavailable' Is it working for you? - UK Weather Forecasts - Live Data - Long Range Weather Forecasts cheers, Bob.
  4. Weather

    Past National Meets
    As you can no doubt see from the weather forecasts, the highlands are being well and truly washed for the arrival of the xrv possy, Had a look at the Met office forecast for that weekend and it could turn out to be a cracker. Fingers ( or should I say flippers) crossed.
  5. A soggy weekend camping

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    The plan: IanS and son Matthew, Whealie and daughter Molly spend the day at the outdoor show and then head for a campsite near Chipping Norton for a convivial evening chatting round a camp fire and eating off a barbecue. Me, I've just bought a tent, so I went along just to try it out. I set...
  6. Ryka's December 06

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Tip of the day: Ignore the weather forecasts. I checked the BBC weather site Saturday night and it said Sunday would be 9 degrees and raining. So I didn't bother with the inner lining on the jacket or trousers. The temperature did not rise above zero until 9.30 at Ryka's (a BMW rider turned on...