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  1. 1998 XR250R side stand spring

    hi, i managed to leave my side stand spring in a forest in devon :/ a genuine honda spring i found for 4euros but with 18euro postage !! so im opting for a universal spring, the only thing is i dont know what length to go for. between the pin on the stand and pin on frame is about 170mm but...
  2. Suitable tyres

    Hello, I am wondering which tyres others use that would give good onroad and offroad performance. I apologize that I cant tell you what's on her now as i didn't look when i bought her recently though they are road tyres.... I did a small spin up a forest track last week and was quite impressed...
  3. Which dual tyre

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Hello, I am wondering which tyres others use that would give good road and offroad performance. I apologize that I cant tell you what's on her now as i didn't look when i bought her recently. I did a small spin up a forest track last week and was quite impressed, but i felt a little bit more...
  4. Local Ride for me - Glencoe

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    600 Alp - Loaded test run Well, after over 400 miles since yesterday morning, I think I can safely say that the 21 year old Alp is fairly sorted. Took a 120 mile run over to the Red Squirrel camp site at Glencoe Saturday morning and met up with a fellow Alp rider. Red Squirrel camp site...
  5. Crashed '95 RD07 off-road and twisted up some front bits, what do I need now?

    Africa Twin
    Have a '95 RD07 I picked up 2 years ago for visiting coffee plantations and off-road in SE Asia and have been upgrading and modifying it from the crap state I purchased it in and recently I got it to a near "finished project" save for some farkles I have sitting on the shelf. But recently I...
  6. XL700 Fork Service and improvements

    My forks, well one stanchion, have developed a small leak. I obviously need to fit some new seals so once I've moved house in Summer and have a garage, sorry workshop, at last then I will be stripping and servicing them. Whilst they are in bits I thought that I may as well get the lowers...
  7. Wanted: XRV750 Africa Twin

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hello everyone, New member here looking for an Africa Twin. I am hoping to find a good condition bike with reasonable mileage. Condition more important than exact model, colour etc. Based on the south coast U.K. in the New Forest but am happy to travel for the right bike. Many thanks.
  8. For Sale: Corbin xrv750 seat

    For Sale / Wanted
    Good condition. Lower than the standard one. I'd like £160 collected from Epping forest or £175 and I'll get a courier to deliver it. Thanks for looking
  9. K2 Off Road Rally Kielder Forest, Scottish Borders - Anyone going?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Anyone doing the K2 in Kielder this year? There's not that much info on-line but sounds fun :thumb: Wondering if anyone has done this before or is riding it this year????? Good opportunity to get your bike dirty and not get kicked-off the trails!?? Dirtbike-Action
  10. 42nd Traverse New Zealand

    Hello, A couple of years ago (or more), I remember I promised you this video and I'm finally here to deliver! The 42nd Traverse is likely the best adventure ride in our North Island (New Zealand) and the track is named because it traverses State Forest 42. It's a beautiful place to be and is...
  11. New Africa Twin - rally spec

    Africa Twin
    Riding the Hellas Rally on the Africa Twin It might not yet look like it in our development workshop, but it'll soon be showing us just what it can do: Touratech is going on the Hellas Rally (8-16 May) on this Africa Twin, which is being converted to a rally bike. With discerning routing...
  12. RD04 Seat Adjustment and a few other mods

    Africa Twin
    After last weekend on the RD04 in the forest, I decided too bite the bullet and sort that seat out. Its the original seat so no mods but not that comfortable when you spend a lot of time sitting on it. "Anyway". Took the cover off yesterday and reduced the hight and thigh width, as its quite...
  13. Adventure Bike TV - Africa Twin

    Africa Twin
    Spent all day Saturday filming with the 'Adventure Bike TV' crew in my local forest. They've been covering the new 'Africa Twin' motorbike which was launched quite recently and they wanted to film the original 'Africa Twin' bike from the beginning of the concept. There were four of us riding on...
  14. The 2nd Countrymen Rally 2016 - from 8th to 10th April

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    In glorious Cumbria near Alston. Last year for the inaugural rally there was chilli and baked spud, full breakfasts, BBQ, large communal fire and live music, ride outs to the Lakes, Kielder Forest drive and the Scottish Border. Location: Haggs Bank Bunkhouse Nentsberry Alston Cumbria CA9...
  15. SLR Tyre recommendations?

    Dominator / FMX
    I am wondering what tyres you run on your SLR Currently the bike has Bridgestone Trailwings which are near end of life & came with the bike As I am mostly on road with only a few forest tracks thrown in I am considering Metzler Tourance as I have those on my DL650 WeeStrom & have been very...
  16. The Countrymen Rally (replacement for the BOIL for 2015) 7th-10th May Alston Cumbria

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Paul at Takoda had to cancel this year's Boil Rally at short notice but thanks to Danny at Haggs Bank we are putting on a replacement for the BOIL Danny's establishment is Haggs Bank Bunkhouse near Alston in Cumbria CA9 3LH. Website: I've organised this over on ABR but folks on...
  17. Africa twin owner since 1992

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi all just thought I would introduce my self since I've been an africa twin nut for so long , My first big trail bike was a supertenere 750 bought new in 1989 and while travelling around Europe and seeing the honda africa twin's riding around I just had to have one ,I bought a 1991 model in...
  18. Flux Rescue, Breakdown Insurance. Any good??

    I have received a pretty competitive quote for my 2 Honda's from Bikesure aka Adrian Flux, including Euro breakdown cover. Any comments or experiences on the quality and level of cover offered by this Breakdown add-on please?? Carole Nash breakdown was 100% when I killed a front wheel "near"...
  19. For Sale: GIVI Pannier frames for 650 Transalp for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    A few items for sale seeing as the 650 Alp has left the building. GIVI pannier racks, SOLD :D Home made Sump Guard This puppy has faced trial by Galloway forest 2014 and survived with little to show for it accept for a few small dents from some very large rocks. Uses all of the original...
  20. I'm now a Mahout!

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Mahout; from the Hindi, a man who rides an Elefant. Well, after selling my 700 Transalp I had to put something else on the road! No time like the present to put my Cagiva Elefant on the road. I popped round to Willie Young MC's at dawn for the MOT, a small throttle cable issue, which I fixed at...