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  1. Forking 'ell

    Africa Twin
    My question has already been I deleted this......
  2. cr high bend plus rox riser combo?

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys, I have a some replacement bars for the stock set. Wondering if anyone has used a renthal cr high bend with a 2" Rox riser adapter on a rd04. I like the look of the Rox riser and think they could work as far as stock cable lenght goes, but thought I better ask around before forking...
  3. What Forking Forks Have I Got???

    Peeps who know more than me (so that's pretty much anyone really!!!), I have leaking forks on my XL500R. They are NOT XL500R Forks. I believed them to be XL600, they have a disc brake, and 39mm stanchions. Can anyone confirm or deny as I am trying to get replacement stanchions for them - mine...
  4. RD03 forking dust seal removal

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, is there an easy way of removing the dust seal from the forks ?? The forks were coming apart well until i came accross this, i was expecting a rubber seal that could be easily prized out with a bit of jiggery pokery using a flat screwdriver but when it came to remove them i found out...
  5. Forking oil drain plug

    Africa Twin
    Don't know if this is a new topic, but I looked and didnt find. My RD07a has no drain plug on the front forks. Yet there is a stub there, just where a drain plug would be. Has anyone drilled this out and tapped in a thread for a drain plug? Did you do it withthe forks in place?: I think this...
  6. Fork'ing Hell !!! Fork Rebuild Questions!

    Africa Twin
    OK, so I've purchased and fallen in love with my tatty RD04. Of course my intentions were to use it as a hack, intending not to spend too much on it. SO WHY, I ask myself and everyone, am I now looking at everything that has a minor gremlin (and there are quite a few!) wanting to make it work...