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  1. Increasing the rear wheel travel

    Africa Twin
    Hello everyone, I've tried to find some information about how to increase the rear wheel travel on XRV (RD03 and RD04) but I couldn't find anything for all models. Has anyone ever looked into that? Cheers, Norman
  2. Piston and cylinder Info

    Dominator / FMX
    Does anyone know if the information in the RD02 manual for the Piston, rings and cylinder is the same for the RD08 i have the earlier manual but not the later one thanks in advance :thumbup:
  3. How do I find out how many transalps are in the UK??

    On ebay listings the seller sometimes says "theres only XX of these registered with the DVLA" how do they get that information? I can't find the link on the DVLA site. All I can find is this any ideas?
  4. Belays of Twickenham questions

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone out there know if Belay's of Twickenham became or was sold to another Honda Dealer? I have a service booklet that is stamped by the dealership and I'm trying to get some additional information. I called Honda UK this AM but they couldn't tell me if another dealership bought them...
  5. RD07 fork oil with progressive springs

    Africa Twin Technical Specs
    Hi, I've looked everywhere hoping that somebody will give some information regarding how much oil i need to put in the forks of my RD07 AT... I've upgraded to a hyperpro progressive springs and the oil that they recommend is 15W but there is no mention of how much... anybody done this setup?
  6. Vaughan

    Hi ,can anyone help with some information on compatibility for my 1987 honda transalp ,I am trying to source a pulse generator part no 30300 mm9 000 and not having much luck , is there any other year that is compatible . Thanks
  7. Date of manufacture letter

    Africa Twin
    This summer in will be importing my RD03 into the U.S. I can't find any information on obtaining a date of manufacture letter from Honda. Has anyone done this?
  8. For Sale: Eurolites Headlamp Adaptors for Driving in Europe

    For Sale / Wanted
    Eurolites Headlamp Adaptors for Driving in Europe More information visit
  9. CDI information

    Transalp Technical Specs
    Hi All, does anyone know if I need to replace a faulty CDI with the exact number replacement as I am struggling to find one with the same numbers as on the faulty one, I can find one that has the MS8 but not the CI558 , I have seen a CI553 but am not sure if that is close enough.Cheers
  10. Wanted: Africa xrv 750 1998 Fork

    XRV Swap Shop
    Desperately need a fork for Africa twin XRV-750 1998, preferably good condition. Also, if you know where it's possible to get it, please share information. Offers from all possible sources welcome.
  11. Yamamoto Spec A ?

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Is there any information about this can? This one is supposed to be for an Africa Twin. It's currently up for sale here in Taiwan. The brand is popular on road bikes, like RC45's ...
  12. The future is here- start saving!

    full information here you heard it here first
  13. BMF shows

    Hello everyone! I'm after some information about the BMF shows this year. I understand they had an adventure zone and I was wondering if it's worth going to. Anyone on here go? What was the turn out like there? What was the 'offering' like? Thanks in advance!
  14. FMX650 Cafe Racer

    Dominator / FMX
    How much work would it be to turn my FMX into one of these?Honda FMX 650, Special custom tranformation by Mr. Martini - Moto Rivista
  15. Yamaha parts lists europe,

    Unfortunately only from 1988 on but this appears to be yamaha europe , you go to site click on online parts catalogue get your bikes pars list up and you can select them and print an order from there and take it to your dealer , for those of you with newer bikes it maybe useful Yamaha Online...
  16. XLR 125 frame number

    Hi. I have looked at a 1998 XLR125 today to rebuild and as its the first one I have seen I could do with a bit of information. Is the frame number stamped into the headstock or on a seperte plate onto the headstock. A picture would be most helpful. Thanks Jeff
  17. Touratech rear shock

    Africa Twin
    Does anyone use the Touratech stage 3 "high end" shock. I would like to know more information about it. Thanks
  18. Advice on buying a used 650 TA.

    Looks for advice,information on what to look for when buying a used 650 Ta. Known faults and niggles. Fuel consumption Price guide looking at 05,06,07 under 20k. Did any 650 have 19" front wheels.
  19. The Red Arrows

    Have just blasted over my house in formation complete with smoke. They better get a move on if they want to be in London later on.
  20. Monk's Trod

    Great Roads/Routes
    I was in the Elan Valley this weekend, and spotted this TRO notice at one end of the Monk's Trod. It states that this TRO expired in November 2011. Does anyone have up-to-date information about the restrictions on the trail? Iain