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  1. And this weekend . . . . Ardnamurchan

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Paid the Ardnamurchan peninsular a visit on Friday, seeing as how Rederic of ABR forum had organised a little gathering at Strontian. Took the long way there via the Lecht, Glenshee, Pitlochry and Glencoe - no worthwhile photo’s from any of those locations – but I took a few from on the busy...
  2. RD03 forks srping rate

    Africa Twin
    Hello there, Does anyone know the dimension (inner and outer diameter, total length of both springs together) and spring rate of the front fork springs? With wirth springs the bike is still to soft fort me. Cheers, Norman
  3. 40th birthday present

    I got my 37th in a fortnight and family are already banging on about my 40th and what i'm doing for it, i'm going out to the TT as i've not yet been to that. However i keep thinking what should i buy myself as a 40th present to myself. I don't do jewelry i've got watches but something keeps...
  4. Perfect day

    Great Roads/Routes
    A pint for the first to name that peak ! Taken a fortnight ago on my Highland stravaiging (wandering). Sun shone, roads almost empty, NO MIDGIES! One of a few perfect days spent in God's own country. Bliss! Les Later: What? No takers ? It is Stac Pollaidh (Stac Polly to the soothmoothers -...
  5. Campsite in Fort William Suggestions please

    Africa Twin
    A few of us Hereford Herberts are heading upto to Scotland on 15th Sept. Can anyone recommend a biker friendly campsite in Fort William or Kinlochleven. Preferably with a pub (or one nearby)!:) Cheers, Paul
  6. Scottish trails

    Great Roads/Routes
    OK nice dudes in Scotland, where are the good trails? We are invading in June and have noticed on the maps stuff like 'The West Highland Way' nr Fort William and some military roads in the same area and also 'The Great Glen Way' nr Loch Ness. Can you legally ride these, is it a case of 'if...
  7. Highalnd accomodation

    Looking for cheapish out of the way accomodation near Fort William. Preferably en suite and including breakfast and towels although this is not really a problem. Any suggestions? Looked at Laggan Lodge and Achintee Farm. Graeme
  8. Will it tour 2 up

    Hi folks first post from a prospective TransAlp owner. Im thinking of buying a 650 TransAlp with a view to doing some 2 up touring next year so firstly is the Alp up to a trip down the Rhine valey 2 up carrying a fortnights supply of knick's and sock's. Secondly other than luggage racks what...
  9. Scotland here we come

    Next year that is. Sharrie has had a mental brake down, and entered the Loch Nessy marathon in September 30th . Starting in Fort Augustus too Inverness 26miles. are there any good B&B's with safe parking in inverness for Shaz and myself:teeth::teeth:
  10. well traveled at

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys I was in fort William last week and met these guys out side a Morrisons, they were from Argentina on a round the world trip, well into the trip, and Very well loaded, in fact, i've never seen so much gear on a bike! they where two up and also had a small dog which traveled down her...
  11. weekend sortie to fort william

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    a mate of mine who passed his test last year fancys getting some heavy miles under his belt with some camping:twisted: he really shouldnt have asked me:D so here the plan bikes loaded thursday night , up crack sparrow friday morning northwards we head hoping to slip under the border patrols...
  12. Fort Augustus - July 2008

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well, what a luverly day out that was! 4 Africa Twins, 1 XLV750R, 1 Trumpet Tiger :-) and 1 VFR800 ride round and into the hills of the North of Scotland (one @ joined us at Fort Augustus - Welsh Paul was in "nesting" mode first thing this morning, so was a bit late :rolleyes:) Raymo joined...
  13. Fort Augustus on Sunday 6th anyone?

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Having checked the weather for Sunday 6th, I've decided to go for a little run into the local scenery (not literaly, hopefully :rolleyes:) Looking to run through to Fort Augustus on Sunday from Elgin - back roads all the way there (Culloden, Daviot etc) then possibly returning via Spean...