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  1. xlv750 PARTS FOR SALE

    Just noticed an advert for a load of XLV750R parts. In Switzerland but he seems to have plastics, forks, tanks, etc.
  2. Marathon For sale

    Africa Twin
    Not mine, dont know the seller
  3. NXR 99 of 2 :-)

    Africa Twin
    Google Translate French site , good test of the XLV too :-) link not great, its under reports about page 4 enjoy..... 128kg dry and 75 bhp oil in Frame ?
  4. Found: got to be worth it xlv750

    For Sale / Wanted
    Honda xlv 750 r Motos Pyrénées-Orientales -
  5. of interest?

    Africa Twin
    Reservoir moto 750 Africa twin Equipement Moto Puy-de-Dôme -
  6. BMW R1200 Nine T for 2014

    BMW unveils new model for 2014. BMW R1200 Nine T (To celibrate the 90 anniversary) BMW R 1200 Nine T 2014 - Fiche moto - MOTOPLANETE Les images officielles de la BMW R NineT 2014 - Automoto - MYTF1
  7. RD03 fuel tank

    Africa Twin
    Is this an OEM tank? It looks a bit bigger no? Réservoir Honda 650 Africa Twin RD03 | eBay
  8. bike cleaner donts !!!!

    you know this makes sense !!! tfr cleaner wrecks bikes , dont use it on anodized parts - YouTube

    Africa Twin
    While searching the above site for the ever elusive center stand for my RD04,there appears to be a good selection of XRV 650/750's for sale - all years and prices. Worth a look if you're hankering after another.
  10. new xl700v tank covers cheap? 48euro + postage.

  11. Wanted: RD 04 Main Stand

    For Sale / Wanted
    Had enough of struggling with blocks/crates etc and putting excess pressure on the side stand. I've looked at e-bay fr/ge and can't find one for my 1990 AT (R/W/B) Any pointers as to where I can get one ? SW-Motech etc only list stands for later models. Will these fit or is it year/model...
  12. Headlamp Bulbs

    Dominator / FMX
    I have read about lots of upgrdesfor bike bulbs just not sure whats best fr My standard Dommie, Some has put in a 60/55w Halogen But its far to Dim.... Can you get Lower Wattage Xenon Bulbs ?
  13. Wanted: NX650 Dominator Fr & Rear Hubs ?

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking for front and rear hubs for a Dommi'. Anybody got either for sale ? :) (or maybe you know of other types that could be used to take discs and fit to original callipers ?)
  14. 320mm xr650r brake setup fr sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a very good condition motormaster 320mm wavy disc with a billet talon caliper braket. Both are in very very good conditionand ready to fit inprove standard braking £100 plus P&P cost over £200 new. thanks Simon call me on 07979 790600