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  1. Competitions / Trials
    Hey there Honda trail riders, I am new to this forum, from what I understand that this is mainly a big bike site but I am seriously seeking help with my list of questions regarding set up for my 2001 HONDA CR 250 R – two stroke motocross bike for Erzberg. I previously posted these questions in...
  2. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just back from a hoot of a trip and though I'd share it with you, hope you enjoy. I left Sydney bright and early on the trusty AT750, it was great to be back on the road, almost 2 months since my last ride, musn't leave it that long in the future, even the motoray transport was OK. I was heading...
  3. Chatter
    MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!# Pineapple fritters freshly done then smothered in custard... I would ask who wants one but Jen's just finished off the last one (it is her favorite :p) Kymmy
  4. Dominator / FMX
    Hi All, I don't get much time to ride the bike therefore I don't have much of any relevance to say, however I finally got the chance to take the dommie to work today as the weather was fantastic and the ride home was a blast through the lanes. To cut a long story short , I decided to stop off at...
  5. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I can't get my words out today, but I posted this in the Vara forum and then thought we should keep it for posterity. There's been a little bit of bitching recently about different bikes, and what's good and what's not. Have some banter about it sure, but don't forget it's the people that...
1-5 of 14 Results