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  1. Africa Twin
    Alri Lads, My stater to Reg/Rec cable fried. I cut the melted plug off to show to my local hardware/mechanic to get a new part. My dumb ass forgot to label the wires before I cut it off. So Now I dont know which wire goes where. I dont think it matters which goes where but I'd like to see...
  2. ECU

    will a HONDA CBR 600F Model F3 FV FW (PC31, PC31A) work on my 1999 xl600 transalp ? or is there anyone on here have a spare ecu unit as mine has fried..... URGENT REQUEST
  3. Chatter
    Today's best press release is from Ayrshire and Aran NHS and is: Slimmin’ Withoot Wimmin is a weight management class with a difference – it’s for men only!
1-3 of 3 Results