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  1. Transalp front mudguard on a RD04 ?

    Hi Does any of you know, if i can put on a front mudguard from a Transalp on my RD04 1991? For styling reasons i would like to get rid of the plastic protectors on the frontfork. Best Dan
  2. Transplanting Givi pannier frame from Transalp onto a Varadero ?

    Ahem, have searched for info within the forum pages, but ... Thinking of purchasing a Varadero ... ... erm, would the Givi pannier frame from my TA swap straight over/onto a Varadero ? I'll get my coat.
  3. For Sale: Transalp 650 original Sump guard and rear Silencer

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I have the oem sump guard and rear Honda silencer from a Transalp 650 up for sale either together or separately. They are both in very good condition as bike not used much in winter and low miles. There is a little bit of surface rust on the silencer where it would meet the cat. Original...
  4. TA triangular suspension piece on AT

    Africa Twin
    Hello! Just curious.. Is it possible to fit the triangular linkage piece from a transalp on an africa twin? Anyone done it? With what result? Kind of hoping for an easy rear jack up solution as you might suspect :)
  5. RD03 Blinker switch assembly

    Africa Twin
    Mine has seen better days and I'm looking to replace it. Anyone used an aftermarket one? Will a the plug work on one from a Transalp? It's a different part number, but it looks identical.
  6. Free: free part worn avon distanzias

    For Sale / Wanted
    sized 90/90/21 ands 120/90/17. removed from a transalp after about 3500miles pm me if you want them before i bin them. collection from colchester Essex
  7. For Sale: Transalp tool kit for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone want a genuine under seat Transalp tool kit. its for sale £27 uk posted i think everythings in it i never used it. it came from a Transalp 650.(2006) I have sold my bike so this is up for sale with a under seat waterproof document case. i have taken a photo and it looks like everythings...
  8. Varadero 1000 v2 engine guard / belly pad

    I want to replace the ugly plastic thing with something better. I'm sure I once read about fitting one from a Transalp. Is it a straight swap or is some fabrication needed? Thanks in advance!!
  9. Engine ID

    Can anyone help me identify this engine ? is it a 600, 650 cc? I'm guessing its from a Transalp my the smaller exhaust manifolds,
  10. Definitive RD07 caliper replacement list

    Africa Twin
    I thought that starting this thread would help AT owners with replacing their rotting Nissin calipers... New Nissin Calipers will cost £250 + EACH from Honda and im guessing that doesnt include the seals and pistons... From my experience and research , the L/H caliper can be replaced with a...
  11. Hello From Newbie

    Just thought i would intro myself have been riding fo about 8 years now upgraded from a transalp to a vara just after crimbo and am loveing it. Have just started going for ridess out on it as had to wait for a couple of mates at work to get new bikes. hopfuly going down to pompy in a couple of...
  12. Still looking - Engine for my RD03

    Africa Twin
    Tried to post this yesterday but it didn't go... and I've put a post in the wanted section but no luck so far. I have an 88 RD03 that somewhere along the way had a vasectomy... meaning the 650 was replaced with a Japanese 400 from a Transalp. I'm looking at getting a bigger engine back in...
  13. what fuel economy can i expect.

    Hi all what fuel economy can i expect from a transalp, mainly coasting at 60mph back and forth to work. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated thanks. Mitch.
  14. Speedo drive

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all Could someone let me Know if a speedo drive from a Transalp will be ok on a Dommi?? :roll:
  15. Twin needs a transplant

    Africa Twin
    Hey Y'all, I've got an 88 RD03 which for some reason had it's 650 replaced with a 400 from a Transalp 400. The guys who did the replacement really did a poor job splicing in the electrical, but for the driving I'm doing, the 400 doesn't do a bad job for now. I am looking to eventually reverse...