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  1. How to make Afrika Twin tank + fuel sensors work on Transalp with Koso speedo?

    Africa Twin
    Hello fellas. As some of you may know I'm working on a Transalp rebuild with a AT RD04 tank mod. Dealing with fuel used to be a straightforward thing but not anymore. The AT comes with two big wonderful holes for fuel sensors (don't have 'em yet). Is it possible to make these sensors work on...
  2. Africa Twin tank on Transalp: Petcocks and Fuel Pump?

    Africa Twin
    Good day all you lucky Africa Twin riders. I'm currently doing a rebuild project on my Transalp and one of the mods is of course a rd04 tank. A tank from Greece should be arriving soon but in the meantime I've completely forgot about the petcocks and the fuel sensor. Was completely unfazed by...
  3. Fuel tank leaking when removed to replace air filter

    Hello, I changed my air filter last night to a new K&N one (old one was grubby!) When removing the tank, I removed all of the hoses / fuel sensor cable. Where the smallest tube on the right side of the bike attached, I had fuel coming out. Is this normal? I was sure that no fuel would come out...
  4. Wanted: RD03 Fuel Sensor/Senders

    For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for a pair of fuel sender units. One not working and the other has the tabs broken off.....
  5. Low fuel sensor to Africa Twin MY 1995

    Hi, This is my first message here. Just bought a Africa Twin in nice shape only with 29 000km from 95. It was a nice catch, indeed. Since this is my first bike and my experience with bikes is limited to occasionally rides, I found myself in troubles thanks to fuel starvation, for two times...
  6. My RD03 thread

    Africa Twin
    So I bought this RD03 which is (according to the previous owner) a 1988 model (I don't know really - can anyone advise from the picture?). Price was OK, same for the test ride. Engine is very smooth and silent, starts in a blink. The bike seems to be overall in quite a good condition, 48 000 km...
  7. rd03/rd04 low fuel sensors

    Africa Twin
    Honda Magna low fuel sensor repair - YouTube part no/SKU - 20F735 NTC THERMISTOR Thermistor Type: NTC Resistance: 1kohm Thermistor Tolerance: -2% to +2% Beta Value (K): 3972K Operating Temperature Range: -50°C to +150°C Thermistor Case Style: Radial Leaded No. of Pins: 2 . believe...
  8. Wanted: Fuel sensor

    For Sale / Wanted
    I need a fuel sensor for a Varadero 1000 Maybe other honda models would also fit? Anyone got one lying around?!
  9. Oooooops!

    After all that Tank-off wrangling with my idle adjuster and replacing the choke cables and Air Filter at Sheps on Sunday, I've been thinking the bikes been running really nicely....apart from the slow idle which is being sorted tomorrow. I was even mildly excited last night when I parked up at...