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  1. Balancing Carbs

    Africa Twin
    I've Had my Rdo7 coming on 3 years and have never touched it as runs like a swiss watch, The fuelling is nigh on perfect I would say for carbs. But is it possible to get an absolute linear tick over or am I being too anal as it is very slightly uneven?
  2. Decat question.

    Hello peeps, I've just fitted an o2 sensor eliminator, and I have to say the bike really has responded well to it, the fuelling is unbelievably smooth. I was also after a louder soundtrack ( not offensive, just nice & deep ), and was going to fit a decat pipe, leaving the standard silencer. I...
  3. Fuelling issue!

    Hi all, I have a curious issue, which has arisen since I changed the air filter. on my 650 TA....basically the choke is now working as a 'cut-off' switch. Turn on the choke, the bike splutters to a halt, leave it off, the bike runs like a dream, clearly I've trapped something underneath the...
  4. Fuelling issues? xr600 1985

    XR600 1985 Every now and then when riding along usually at lower the revs the bike will misfire and splutter, sometimes picking back up but others (usually when stopping at junctions) it stalls. Usually starts straight away after. Has been jetted up from 122 to 130 (before i got it) The air...
  5. Fuelling Problems - QUESTIONS!

    Africa Twin
    Hello all. I've recently got my RD03 back from some major work (at no cost to me) but although it looks great, I have a few problems with running which I hope someone can advise on before I start spending money I don't need to. The bike run perfectly with excellent mpg before going off for...
  6. Ignition and fuelling problems

    Africa Twin
    Apologies for all the new topics - I'm hoping to get some answers to some of them! I have done some diagnosis after my RD04 - RD07 engine transplant, and have the following: When performing a spark plug test, I only get a spark on the initial crank of the engine - there is no repeated sparking...
  7. Fuelling Problem??

    Africa Twin
    A couple of times recently I've experienced what feels like the engine cutting out. Both times it has been after slowing down from a long period of 70ish cruising on the motorway. If I open the throttle wide it then picks up again and seems to be OK. It did this a few times yesterday on the M42...