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  1. What s the going price for 1/2 a leg?

    £350 + 6 points :angry4::angry4::angry4::angry4::angry4::angry4::angry4::angry4: . Made me fuming this did and the woman that did it lives 3 streets away from me. Will be interesting to see if he goes for compensation woman should have got more than she did im my opion
  2. bl##dy fuming !!

    hello all........may someone can help me out with this one. ( hoping some legal bods on here can enlighten me:thumbleft:) where i live, we have shared public access out to street from back of house. now the idiot on the end has bought a scruffy mutt and has just informed me shes in the planning...
  3. fuming

    Mechanical Advice
    when ever i take my bike out theirs a awful smell of fumes of it petrol fumes when i checked the oil theirs a smell of petrol of it as well looks like theirs petrol getting in to it how is that :confused: regards
  4. fuming!

    got woken up at 01.30 on bank holiday monday by my very upset girlfriend telling me the police were here. turns out little waster from scum estate has stolen her 1969 morris minor and rammed it into some bollards wrecking it. i bought the car for her 6 yrs ago (she chose it) for passing her test...