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  1. Have Fun in Winter Riding in Comfort with Heated Gear from Best Brands on the Market

    You may want to extend your riding season into winter months, but cold weather threatens to cut your trip short when you feel your toes and fingers freezing. Lack of blood circulation in your extremities makes your feet and hands numb, which increases your reaction time making winter riding...
  2. Nx650 Scrambler Build

    Dominator / FMX
    Well it's been some time in the making but my first custom bike build is now complete.:D Got to the point where I just wanted it on the road, so still a bit 'ratty' and might strip it all down again one day. But just passed it's MOT and already chucking about some green lanes. To be used and...
  3. Dear Pepe. I wish you were here.

    Dominator / FMX
    The last 3 holidays I’ve been on I wished I could have had my trusty nx650 with me as there is no restrictions to riding off road. I’m currently in Sal, Cape Verde and hired a quad bike and had loads of fun but it’s not the same as Pepe. I wish the UK was so accessible to use on a motorcycle, we...
  4. Bored with your Varadero? Enter "Project Varaturnipstorm or Fireturnipdero"

    Project VaraTurnipStorm or FireTurnipDero. Now I know I’m still working on the Tracker project, but after thinking of this name I just had to start a thread before someone else does & pinches the title. Ha. The idea has come around after reading up about various Harley XR750 flat track based...
  5. For sale: Leo Vince xl700 connector pipe

    Hi, I haven't been around for a while, having sold the transalp to my brother. He uses it mostly for touring, and so finds the setup of connector pipe and Leo Vince exhaust a bit loud (but it's great fun for hooning around). I've reinstalled the original HEAVY! silencer box for him and am now...
  6. RD03 Project

    Africa Twin
    Hello guys, I am in the process of rebuilding an old grandma, my RD03 that I bought 10 years ago for a trip to Magadan. That trip never happen since I got married (haha, it is not funny, it might happen to you too). This winter I started a hidden project, my dream bike restoration. I...
  7. For Sale: Honda Dominator tracker/scrambler

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I want to sell my bike due to lack of use. Not sure of its value but am open to serious cash offers. The bike is in Denmark so will have to be collected. All the bike needs for some serious fun is the 41mm flatside carb dialling in, new tyres and a fresh battery... The only reasons I am selling...
  8. Touring Tips

    I’m a strong believer in less is more when it comes to touring speed, a rider can withstand more hours at 65mph for example than 75, especially if they stop every hour for 10 mins rest. I’m riding 250 miles on Friday but in no particular hurry, so thought it might be fun to try a programme of...
  9. [xrv750] carburetor gasket question

    Africa Twin
    Hello there! I was rebuilding my carbs while looking at the Honda fiches, and saw that a gasket on my carb is positioned differently. On the fiches, the order is: 28-1-15, so the metal collar (15) sits on the carb, the gasket (1) sits on the metal collar, and the plastic plate (28) sits on the...
  10. She's alive again.

    Dominator / FMX
    As you know I had some issues with the bike, two new CDI's from ebay and nothing, some coughing and spluttering but the bike wasn't starting reliably and then the carb decided to piss fuel all over the garage floor. Carb was fixed easy enough, broke the choke but had a spare, still with the crap...
  11. Bulb weirdness

    Dominator / FMX
    A curious thing, ladies and gentlemen... Yesterday I went to pick up my bike from a mate who had done a bit of welding for me (that's another story...) Before leaving his place I checked the lights were working. No tail / brake light. My mate said he had checked all was working after doing the...
  12. 07 AT newbee

    Africa Twin
    Hi all ,i am new to the site .I would like to say hi..As is the norm i am in need of assitance from the more knowledgable .. I have found for sale a 1997 AT in the pics it looks great ..21,000 km's No service history (from france) i will be viewing the bike this week with an option to buy 2k...
  13. Newbie from N/Ireland

    Dominator / FMX
    Thought i should say hello to everyone. Bought myself a bike i have fancied for nigh on 30 years, a 1989 nx650. Took for its mot today and she passed with flying colour, after the test i went on a 30 mile ride over the mountain, first impression ? absolutely BONKERS FUN:blob5:. Cant wait to get...
  14. Transalp 600 rally upgrades

    Hello gentleman, I have picked up old 600 with good motor 55000 miles on the clock really cheap with intentions to build up myself rally bike for fun. Everything is tired on the bike, so looking for advises of improving or replacing forks and rear shock. Any advice welcome. Plan for this bike...
  15. Down sizing from AT

    Africa Twin
    I finally passed my driving test a few weeks ago and have bought a car, A pig ugly Fiat Doblo. So bike is no longer my only transport. A mate has been nagging me to buy a smaller dirt bike to use in The Brecon beacons. Which makes sense, summer commuting and having fun. My AT is tired...
  16. Newbie with a transalp

    Hi all I've been lurking in this forum for a few months, bought an xl700 transalp three weeks ago and enjoying it, living in Welshest Wales helps a lot, went for a spin up the Elan valley yesterday and had great fun despite appalling weather. Jon
  17. XL700 repeated loss of power/cut out

    Took my 2009 Xl700 for it's first proper 'long' ride today, 100 miles down to cornwall - fine, all smooth, very happy. On the way back about 30 miles in there was a sudden loss of power, engine spluttering like it had no fuel- even out of gear it would not rev past 3000. Pulled over, checked...
  18. Gearbox problems - Second gear

    Africa Twin
    Hi. New member from Sweden to this forum and a new AT owner. Found a teared down AT -98 through a friend and gave an very low offer that was accepted. During this winter season I have put all the pieces together and toke my first ride today. Everything is working just as it should and I think...
  19. Ivan_replica_transalp_600

    Just found this beauty for you Transalp owners, don't get to excited as it is over 2600 euro and forks not included... New body kit to the TRANSALP 600 little sister of the Africa Twin RD04 !! We re-designed the entire bike to make it even easier to handle and fun to drive both on road and...
  20. K2 Off Road Rally Kielder Forest, Scottish Borders - Anyone going?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Anyone doing the K2 in Kielder this year? There's not that much info on-line but sounds fun :thumb: Wondering if anyone has done this before or is riding it this year????? Good opportunity to get your bike dirty and not get kicked-off the trails!?? Dirtbike-Action