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  1. Africa Twin
    There seem to be quite a few very inexpensive Mitsubishi style fuel pumps all over the internet of late. I’m assuming they are Chinese Has anyone tried one yet?? if so please post your thoughts as to fit and function. thanks
  2. How to.....
    Hello. Trying to install led lights. I've tried with a few different led relays. The closest I get is to have one side working as it should and other side makes hazard lights. Same effect on all relays but blink speed varies. I can switch the cables to make both left and right function so its...
  3. Dominator / FMX
    just for my curiousity,what's the function of this bit, called a "silicon regulator"? everytime i see it, i always wonder. i thought it was some sort of fuse! if some one can answer then i could sleep better at night!
  4. Africa Twin
    Ok...stupid question, but I am a curious bugger.. I have used an AT sump guard on my alp and it fits just fine, however there is a small section which has been made into a flap and folded in...can you guys illuminate me as to its function on the @... it seems to be harmless/useless on the TA R.
  5. How to.....
    What's the best way to fit one of these? I want to fit it so it is similar to the trip computers that come on RD07's and later RDO4's- i have an early RD04. It's a 5 function voltmeter, i thought it would be good to have a temperature gauge for travelling as well as a voltmeter.
  6. Dominator / FMX
    Hi, Just thought I'd introduce myself. Just bought a 2000 W-reg Dominator so will be hanging out here a bit and asking lost of questions to which I could probably find answers just by using the search function, but where's the fun in that? Cheers Fitz
  7. XL
    I have used the search function but cannot find the answer. I have a 84 XL600LMF with the red engine. The paint is now rapidly dissapearing and is looking decidely scruffy and in need of some love. What colour paint, what type of paint, what make of paint, etc etc do you reccomend? Cheers.
  8. Helmets
    As Derek Jameson might say, 'Is it me!' I would like a helmet where the visor, when lifted, goes into the helmet or a second skin. What do I mean? Well, any of you who ride at night and in the rain surely must suffer when the rain goes down in the inside of the visor and then car headlights hit...
  9. Africa Twin
    Just got a Honda headlight guard from DSS for my new (ex Ashley) RD03, spotted it on their site whilst looking for something else.... honest, and was a little disappointed to find it's just a bit of plastic. Anyone got any experience if they are actually any use or are they more of a decorative...
1-9 of 11 Results