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  1. Chatter
    The blog facility we have is crap..... its a really naff bit of software that doesn't really allow proper blog functionality. We were helping the company try it as beta software but as you can sense I don't get on with it! So along come vBulletin who make our forum software and they have...
  2. Mechanical Advice
    .....of Garmin 2610 & Streetpilot III I'm on the hunt for a GPS. I would like a TT Rider or Zumo but both are out of my price range. I've now decided on two (no longer in production) but still rated. I'm obviously looking for a good second hand purchase but before I buy I thought you might...
  3. Africa Twin
    Can anyone help? I am adding details of my attempts to fault find and fix the tripmeter on my XRV750Y into the Wiki section of this site. However, now that the weather is getting better I need the bike complete for that 'spur of the moment' ride and most functions still work on the meter...
1-3 of 8 Results