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  1. Ruben Faria official jacket

    Hi everyone,a friend of mine is auction an official KTM Red Bull Dakar jacket from Portugueserider Ruben Faria. This auction is for fundraising is son rehabilitation. You can visithis Facebook page to get to know is history: Jacketauction...
  2. Cycle ride to Paris

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I know this is a big ask, but I'm doing this in Sept for BHF If any one would like to give a £1.00 or £2.00 or even join me. a big thank you. wayne nicholls is fundraising for British Heart...
  3. bike4 life summer ride out 2012 midlands july 1st solihull rugby club/ raf cosford

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    sunday 1st july ,,, solihul rugby club to raf cosford , usually over 1000 attend so its a great event and for a good cause too ,,,,,,,,,,,, Bike 4 Life 2012 | Supporting Us | Midlands Air Ambulance mate of mine runs the caff , just off the base next to the railway stn at cosford so if you...
  4. Great North Swim - a mile across Windemere!

    Charity Events
    Hi Folks - I'm doing the great north swim this year! Sounds like a bit of fun - a mile swim across windemere! I'm doing it for a charity - please help if you can if not please forward on the link to anyone you think may be able to help! heres my just giving page with the details on it...
  5. Air Amulance fundraising - Silverstone Half Marathon

    Charity Events
    well as it looks like I really am running this half marathon thing now I thought it was about time I started raising some cash for my chosen good cause. I'm raising money for the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance and anyone who would like to sponsor me can do so HERE -...
  6. Fund-raising target. URGENT

    The Longest Day (Planning)
    With apologies for peppering the forum with messages (though I have tried to avoid new threads) I'd like to invite the committee to up the fund-raising target in a big way. We cruised past £15k last year with an average per rider donation of £520. If we are going for 1.5 or 2 x the number of...
  7. Fundraising and misc. questions.

    The Longest Day
    I had a look and this time last year we had raised twice as much money by now as we have this year. That's not necessarily a bad thing as obviously the just giving website doesnt reflect moneys raised off the site on sponsorship forms etc. but it got me wondering (and forgive me if this has...
  8. Fundraising Target

    The Longest Day
    We are on an incredible £4,414.42 88% of our target :blob5::blob5::blob5::blob5: Its absolutley fantastic :D:D:D a very big thank you to everyone that has donated and all the hard work , you know who you are :thumbup: Only £585 to go of which £500 is from my company :toothy8: Roll on the...
  9. The Longest Day fundraising Consolidated Stickies

    The Longest Day
    Please find the links to all post concerning the Longest day which are in the Chatter section. HOW MUCH WOULD YOU PAY BOOK AUCTION START DIPPING PEOPLE T-SHIRTS SHOW YOUR SUPPORT