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  1. Quick question. Are the rd04 and rd07 rear shocks interchangeable?

    Africa Twin
    Will they physically swap over? Specifically will an rd07 fit an rd04? Mine is getting very tired and a bit bouncy but I am really tight on funds (kidney anyone?) So just trying to expand my options. Tia.
  2. Rallying in 2016

    Competitions / Trials
    Just wondering if anybody else was planning on doing any rally raid type events this year? I'm currently signed up on the AT for the Tour of Portugal in March, planning on doing as much of the ATRC and rally moto cup as possible in the UK, and funds dependent, fancy Rally Albania and possibly...
  3. Wanted: I would like a Africa TWin please .

    For Sale / Wanted
    Happy new year to all of you. Right. I would like an AFrica twin please. Limited funds unfortunately got two daughters at university! Would like a clean tidy low mileage one if possible. DOnt know how realistic that is but I've got a week to try and sort a new bike as I have moved jobs. If...
  4. Brake Caliper refurb .....

    Africa Twin
    Had to buy a pair of good calipers as the old ones need a good seeing to so ive now got a spare set. I need some funds to by a supermoto pit bike as i was at Wilton Mill kart track last night playing :D Im thinking if i get them done and looking pretty i should see a couple of hundred for the...
  5. For Sale: Sealey PP40 Plasma cutter

    For Sale / Wanted
    HI I am trying to raise funds for an Africa Twin, so my wife said i have to sell all my stuff if I want one. I have a Sealey PP40 Plasma cutter for sale It works fine just needs a new nozzle and electrode. It will cut 12mm plate all day long. Looking for £250.00 Regards wizard
  6. Untold millions

    Right then, now that I've got your attention - what would you do with the aforesaid "untold millions". Me, I'd build (or rather fund the building of) a main line steam engine to take the world speed record, which currently stands at 125.88 MPH and is held by 4468 Mallard. When I say "currently"...
  7. RBLR 1000 mile charity ride 2012

    Africa Twin
    hi all, I have just registered for the royal british legion 1000 mile in 24hours charity ride, all funds rasied will be for the poppey appeal its takes place weekend 22, 23 & 24th of june i will be riding the clock wise southern route anybody on here doing it ? :thumbright: if so i would...
  8. For Sale: Montessa 315R 2002

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Not my bike but a friend is short of funds and is selling this Montessa 315R 2002, light use, Dougy Lampkin replica New rear tyre and Bars £950.00 Bike is situated in Lutterworth, Leicestershire I personally do not know the bike, but I'm happy to put anyone interested in touch with Andy the...
  9. Book Auction to raise funds for The Longest Day Ride

    Mods Ive put this here as it might get more traffic - if you want to move it to the charity forum please do and apologies The incredible Lois Pryce of loisontheloose fame has agreed to donate a signed copy of her new book Red Tape and White Knuckles, out on June 5th, to help raise funds for...