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  1. RD03 Project

    Africa Twin
    Hello guys, I am in the process of rebuilding an old grandma, my RD03 that I bought 10 years ago for a trip to Magadan. That trip never happen since I got married (haha, it is not funny, it might happen to you too). This winter I started a hidden project, my dream bike restoration. I...
  2. For Sale: Transalp xl650v3 for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi guys, After 7 years of faultless service (the reason I bought this beauty!), my Trannie is now for sale. As mentioned above she is an '03 plate with nearly 56000 miles on the clock. Despite her mileage she has been completely faultless and there is still no need to check the dipstick...
  3. Engine / clutch noise Africa Twin 1990.

    Africa Twin
    Funny noise coming from clutch side. Hard to describe noise but someone told me the clutch bearing. Took casing off and the basket and bearing looks and feels fine. I notice the oil pump chain seems very slack. Is this supposed to be like this ? Regards, Tim.
  4. Rattle from exhaust possibly - confused - video included - should I worry - 94 model

    So there's a rattly noise. It sounded like there was something in the exhaust expansion chamber - like a catylytic converter or something - the rattle had always been there but off and on and no real pattern to it Maybe it's the cold weather but now it's there and bothering me every ride. It...
  5. funny old advertisment

  6. Project Binky; strangely compelling.

    Don't know whether anyone has seen this series of youtube videos yet, but I'm hooked. It's nothing to do with bikes, and I've no particular interest in the car they're working on, but the work they do with limited tools is astounding. They call it, 'Two blokes c*cking about', but the quality...
  7. At rd07a electrical starting problem

    Africa Twin
    HI have read earlier post today by Spanish Steve here is my tale of woe The story is started bike yesterday ,immediate start with choke no problem , drove 20 yards knocked off choke bike dies, pull in clutch find 2nd clutch out to bump bike turns over but will not start . Stop find neutral...
  8. New Bikesure competition

    Competitions / Trials
    So guys and girls, the start of the bike season is here, the weather is improving by the day (touch wood!) and it’s time to get the bike out and make it sparkle ready for the summer ride-outs. Here at Flux towers, we thought what better way to prepare you other than to give away a fantastic...
  9. xrv 650 spark plugs

    Africa Twin
    i know this is a totally funny question i have searched for the answer....i have orderd my plug spanner for the bike but i dont know untill it arrives...4 plugs in the bike...AND HERE COMES THE BIG QUESTION.....ARE THEY ALL THE SAME :confused5::confused5::confused5: ..because i would like to...
  10. Trip master replacement

    Africa Twin
    Is there such a thing as a direct replacement for the trip master. Mine has been playing funny buggers for a while (screen just shows 8's for first few miles then works fine but as its missing first few miles so the trip is not correct). I am going to disconnect the battery and reconnect later...
  11. Hello

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hello XRV Forum, I signed here the other week in the hope that I could get funds together to purchase a certain bike which had been listed but alas I was not quick enough. Undeterred I am still on the hunt and determined to get a bike after many, many years without one. I did my bike test...
  12. Motorcycle live NEC 2014 Honda fan perspective

    Hi all, Fiona and myself decided to go take a look at this new prototype Honda Africa Twin at the NEC last weekend, I took a few pics so thought I'd share my thoughts on the new bike and the show in general with you folks. We flew down from Inverness to Birmingham on the Friday and stayed for...
  13. Wanted: XR600R Handlebars & Exhaust

    For Sale / Wanted
    As title, mine came with some gash pit bike bars on so after some standard bend, either OE or Renthal etc Also exhaust end can / system, either standard or aftermarket as long as it's not too loud (mine has straight through Arrow which, while funny, is pretty anti-social!) cheers Jon
  14. What do you find funny?

    Howdy all, This is the third time I have asked this question in time I have been a member.. What is your favourite comedy or drama or bike related movie that is worth a gander on tv.. I have checked out previous suggestions and enjoyed them:thumbup:
  15. Scottish Six Days 2014

    Competitions / Trials
    Went along to Rubha Ruadh, Ardnamurchan, on the Friday, just along the road from where I'm working at present. Weather was sh1t at the beginning of the week, but brightened up on the Thursday and Friday.:thumbup: I'm working just along from the ferry, had to wave these guys go through my site...
  16. For Sale: honda RD03 For sale in belgium! 28700 KM 1988

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    scroll down, something funny with the text i added claims to be original 28700 KM (changed the chain and gear set, 2000 km ago) scratch in the tank left hand bottom side, no dent, needs a partial repaint origin 2 bottom plastic tank covers are cracked...
  17. Funny video

    Probably been posted before but it's new to me..... BMW Talk - YouTube Sent from my iPhone with a smile :)
  18. Got a blue light this morning

    Welsh Invasion
    Apologies for not partying last night! Got a mega head ache and fell asleep, only to be woken by the zombie clan who finally moved on and left me a little gift under my door??? Any got pulled over early this morning by two lovely girly police ladies looking for love?:thumbright: only to be told...
  19. Strange but true !!!!!

    Africa Twin
    THe other day whilst going to my workshop, on the bike, she started to coff and splutter a bit, so noticing my trip counter was on 157 miles i thought I had better switch over to reserve. I stuck my gloved paw down to the fuel tap and fumbled about for 30 seconds or so but I couldnt locate the...
  20. Another season almost over... :-(

    Quite a few here will know what I am wittering about I reckon... It's been a funny but really enjoyable shooting season, I started in late October this time, and have been out pretty well every Saturday since then, not got wet once (a record!) and even shot reasonably well on more than once...