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  1. Bike covers

    Product Reviews
    Following on from the excellent opinions on chain maintenance i thought i would chance my luck on further opinions. I used to have an excellent green canvas bike cover for my Sr 500 20 years ago but it appears the choice is more limited these days. Is it oxford or oxford??
  2. For Sale: GIVI E36 panniers x2 WITH KEYS

    For Sale / Wanted
  3. Wanted: 1987 XL600LMF Right hand side panel and rear wheel

    For Sale / Wanted
    Further to my previous post, I am still looking for a right hand side panel for my XL600 LMF. If anyone can loan me a panel so I can have a copy made, send me a message or call me on 01708 863500. Also I need a rear wheel, any condition considered.
  4. MX Boots and shifter

    Hello friends , another selly question from a noob :) i just bought Oneal boot and its too bulky but nice..problem is.. i tried on and got on the bike. no way to shift up no way to put ur toe under the padal the padal is already high..not too high anyway but i mean no further adjustments i...
  5. SLR lean angle

    Dominator / FMX
    I have recently noticed that my SLR seems to be leaning over further than normal when on the side stand . When I stand the bike upright and put the side stand out ,If I put my boot under the stand I can lift it up about an inch. ie up and down movement. This inch makes a big difference to the...
  6. Motorcycle traveling preferences - C2WG Survey

    The Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide project is going further and we need your help!!! We want to know your preferences when it comes to traveling on a motorcycle. The questions from the form below will help us to improve our future products in such a way they will answer your every need. Please...
  7. whats the going rate for a full set of rear rd04 plastics etc?

    Africa Twin
    Both side panels, rear cowl, rack, light. Have stripped mine off to further the ratification of the sumo. Might ebay but would rather sell to forum member. Am not paid up at the moment but will sign up on completion of sale �� :thumbup:
  8. For Sale: Honda 700 Deauville

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    My son is selling his 700 Deauville. Details can be found on Gumtree and Ebay. He really needs to sell it due to having bought a car. Please PM me if you need further details. Thanks Graeme
  9. Front Wheel Bearing

    Morning All, I have a memory problem, ( it happens at my age :rolleyes: ). I've installed new bearings on my front wheel but for the life of me cannot remember how the larger one fits regarding the speedo drive. Its seated flush at the moment but am I right in thinking it should go further in...
  10. Wanted: URGENT, rear shock for SLR OR

    XRV Swap Shop
    hi guys im looking for a rear shock fur my SLR, does anyone know the length of this, as i may be able to look elswhere an match one up.. or has anyone got one,, would a dommie shock fit it, also heard a suzuki sv650 shock would fit it.. but looking at various shocks. surley it only needs the...
  11. Seat cover/upholsterer

    Africa Twin
    I bought a sear cover off eBay and when it arrived it doesn't fit as my seat is aftermarket, I have rang three local furniture upholsters and none were even ingested in seeing it. Basically I'm looking for someone to fit the cover as it's really good quality and I love the design Anyone know of...
  12. Xl250s down pipes wanted 78`also tyre 23"

    hi guys am looking fur nice downpipes fur ma 78 250s, or any links to a some..also 23 inch tyre needed, there was some guy on here who found a manufacturer,,i cant remember who it was ,if anyone has any info pleaae mail me,,,cheers
  13. Wanted: 650 Transalp wanted

    For Sale / Wanted
    Wll cared for TA wanted. Preferabaly in Scotland. May travel further for the right bike.
  14. For Sale: Various plastics, MK 1 Dommie

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Guys i have various plastics here for sale from a 88 dommie,,including front wheel.. serious offers by pm sell the lot in one go preferably fur a decent offer. not a silly one also have a front complete wheel in gold, an nearly new tyre on it knobbly road legal...
  15. xl250s an domi

    hi Guys,, im finding it difficult to get a hold of a 23" front fur ma xl250s... will a domi 21" front wheel fit straight on there. or would i nedd to change the hub. as ones a disc an the other a drum ???
  16. eBay question

    Hi chaps and chapesses, Just want an opinion. Won a horse riding jacket for my wife yesterday; I was bidding for her. The jacket won at 4.20 plus postage, so very cheap. Then seller emailed immediately after the closure and said she meant to start it at 9.99 not 99p. In the email she admitted it...
  17. New National Trust advert, I was amazed.

    New National Advert, I was sent a link to this by my paragliding buddy, watch out for him about half way through with a mad cow on board. What is happening to the National Trust? I remember blue rinses, suits of armour mouldy furniture and stale biscuits. I had to watch it twice to see if was a...
  18. LHV 59P where are you now?

    LHV 59P, you started my love affair with two wheels. You gave me my independence, and the ability to roam further than I ever had before. I loved you, pimped you (RD50 mag wheels) but then sold you :(:mad: I want you back. Sound and vision -David Bowie - YouTube The very first bike I...
  19. xlv650 front preload adjustment

    Bit of fun this eve on the lathe :-) P2030024.jpg Photo by pedracer | Photobucket Springs uprated (shorter) by 10% not really enough, may go further later, oil changed for 10wt, will go to 15wt next. 63.4mm spacer.
  20. Fri 15th or Sat 16th Nov 2013

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Am going stir crazy. Anyone in or around London/south-east free Friday or Satruday for spin anywhere? In fact anyone even further afield free?