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  1. Africa Twin
    could someone kindly check if there's any writing/codes etc written on the diode in the cockpit fusebox. cheers
  2. Africa Twin
    Hi, I want to replace all my fuses on my AT (RD07A XRV750T). The sticker on top of the fusebox unfortunately is torn, so i cannot make out what are the correct fuses. According to the manual the right fuses are 3 x 10A 1 x 15A 1 x 20A I know i don't have the correct fuses in place currently...
  3. Africa Twin
    The Diode in the fusebox on my RD04 has become detached and there appears to be no way to replace or reconnect it. The fusebox is a sealed unit and ( I assume) comes with the Diode. I guess this little blighter is essential for ignition as whilst the bike will turn over, (only with the clutch...
  4. Dominator / FMX
    i was looking for a power source last night for my heated grips on my 2000 x reg dommie I came accross the 10amp fuse labeled as "heater" I dont know what this heats, and tried to find an outlet to run my heated grips, to no avail in the end i just soldered my feed inside the fusebox...
1-4 of 4 Results