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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Hi all. Currently building a street tracker from my old FMX. Just re assembling it and yesterday had all the idiot and horn working. Come back to it today and have lost the horn and neutral light ? Can’t find any duff wiring etc and visually checked the fuses. Any suggestions ? Jez
  2. Dominator / FMX
    Hi Guys, I'm not being lazy honest, just being dumb. What heated grips from Oxford fit the Dominator? Ihave tried my good friend Google but he just confuses me more. What version did you guys fit and do I need to trim them etc. Going to order a set before the prices go back up.
  3. Dominator / FMX
    I just spend a day tring to figure out how to wire up my electrical system. All I have managed to do is get the lights and the horn working. The battery is charged up and I have got a good earth to the frame. Starter motor connection is clean ,new fuse in the solenoid. There is no power from the...
  4. Dominator / FMX
    Hi guys, Some days ago I was going to start the bike and after she did, the start button seemed to get stuck so you could hear the starter engine still turning. After some seconds I pressed the start button again and it stopped doing it but this drained the battery (the status of the battery...
  5. Varadero
    I am going to fit heated grips powered from a piggy back relay at the ignition fuse. Which is the load side of the fuse box? ie. does the battery flow into the fuses from the front side of the box or the back? Sent from my Nexus 10 using Tapatalk
  6. Varadero
    Hello, The headlights of my Varadero 1000 2006 are dead. Bulbs and fuses are OK. Where can I find the relay? Thanks
  7. How to.....
    Ready to shoot myself in the head at moment. Just pulled out to join a group on a ride out and lost all power to the bike. New batt, new mosfet reg/rec, and multiple stops at garage to ensure batt was still charging. I was charging my phone in the 12v socket on way here and plugged it in as I...
  8. Africa Twin
    Looking for a fuse box that will take normal blade fuses. 4/5 way, trying to tidy the old girl up. What with sat nav, heated grips, optimate & spotlights it's a mess. What has everyone done/used?
  9. Dominator / FMX
    Had bike a week, all good. decided to give battery a top up. Re-fitted batt, turned key...neutral light on, pressed start slight click... Dead. Nothing, no lights , nothing. Checked batt 13 V. metered ignition switch, ok. Checked all fuses I could find, all ok. Help ?:(
  10. Africa Twin
    (Cross posted on advrider) Anyone care to express an opinion as to what's going on with the battery compartment here? It's real messy with some weirdly placed fuses. Figured I'd post here before start tinkering and blowing stuff up.
  11. Transalp
    Hi all, I'm trying to buy some spare bits and pieces for a bike I haven't met yet. (meeting up with it in Germany in May). I don't have access to a TA here, can anyone tell me what size the blade fuses are? I think the standard size is referred to as a mini blade fuse. Thanks, Tom.
  12. Africa Twin
    Hello guys, I'm running into a problem with my 1993 Africa twin , and was wondering if anyone has find a solution for it. I have used the search but did not find a concrete answer. whenever I turn off the Africa twin for a while when i turn it back on, the tripmeter has reset itself, happens...
  13. Chatter
    Hi guys can I get some advice as what to put in a tool bag? I know I need the basics of spanners, screwdrivers. Pliers/multi tool .spare fuses. Spare bulbs. And my mind has gone blank now haha so if anyone has more ideas of what to stick in one it would be really appreciated :)
  14. Africa Twin
    I was adjusting my pilot screws, with the tank off, when suddently the headlights went out, and the starter engine wouldn't turn. I've checked all fuses, wires and sockets, but can't see anything suspicious. All other lights work fine. Before this, on the most recent drive, I had the problem...
  15. Dominator / FMX
    I have lost all power to lights, indicators and horn and cant figure out the problem. The brake light and the side stand light are fine. When I turn on the ignition, the bike starts fine; I have checked the fuses and they are all ok but I am not sure what to look for next. Are there any obvious...
  16. Africa Twin
    Hello All So as per normal jumped on the AT and started her up. Was wheeling her backwards to get out a the spot that it was parked in and all of a sudden switched off and lost all power to the electrics. the alarm still has power but everything else is dead.......checked the fuses on the dash...
  17. Transalp
    I realised my head and side lights didn't work the other day so have checked the fuses (all fine) and replaced both side and headlight bulbs. The side light now works but the headlight doesn't. Not dipped or full beam. The blue 'full beam' instrument light doesn't illuminate either when I try...
  18. Africa Twin
    Hi guys, My tachos stopped working and I was wondering where to start looking? All fuses seem to be fine and no obvious cable breakage.
  19. Transalp
    Yesterday had symptoms of losing power where it would only rev to 5k RPM and if opened up more it would bog and die until throttled off. This got prgressively worse down to 3K RPM and 30mph. Was also getting harder to restart and eventually would not restart but got only a click when the...
  20. XR
    XR650L all working fine until a ride at the weekend. A mate spotted my front light not working and also my Starter button had packed up. Both low and main beam not working. All fuses are ok. Battery has a full charge and is being charged ok. Bike starts and runs fine if I short out the...
1-20 of 37 Results