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  1. that was easy then

    Africa Twin
    putting new headlight bulbs in & new plugs what a fuss I have never taken so much of a bike to do these simple jobs what was the designer thinking ????????:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  2. New Transalp Review (full article)

    This is an article printed in a mag.. Sshh.. The Transalp has long been a star in Honda's constellation, but will the eagerly awaited incarnation shine as bright? It's been 20 years since the Transalp first hit our shores, and to celebrate it passing that two-decade milestone, Honda has...
  3. Oi! Monsieur put yer elmet on sil vou plait

    Reading through some other threads this evening I was reminded of a red mist incident in Calais while proceeding through the Chunnel terminal. Mrs Gromit and I had checked in and were riding our TA and AT in train boarding mode (i.e. gloves in top box, helmet strapped to luggage, passport and...
  4. First 10000 miles

    Last night, while many of you were in various states of drunken stuporiosness in the middle of a field, a lot of you were packing up and saying goodbye to newly met and made riding buddies, some of you were in bed, a few of you were at work, a couple of you were milling with friends and family...
  5. XRV RD07 and Hawker Odyssey Batteries

    Africa Twin
    I've been looking at the PC310 but was wondering if any of the bigger ones will fit without to much fuss. Anyone got one fitted?
  6. hotgrips

    Mechanical Advice
    fitted my hotgrips today,peice of p*ss :D :D , don't know what all the fuss is about. Heat them up slide them on. :thumb: just engine bars and 12v socket left to do. and plenty of time as just been sacked :(
  7. Just what is waterproof?

    Went out for a wet ride today just for fun and practice where i quickly discovered all my "Wet gear " is in fact NOT waterproof ! including my new winter gloves "100% waterproof !" Do these manufacturers not think we may notice ? Waterproof my arse , didnt last 10 mins then cant get them on...
  8. messy roads

    Going to have a rant about farmers now on my way home tonight came round a corner and behold the local farmer had dragged his trailer out of a field and spread shit and stones all over the road not funny when your bent over for the corner. Needless to say after a scary arse in mouth moment...
  9. Just fitted the centrestand without removing pipes!

    Africa Twin
    I'm pretty sure someone will come on and tell me I'm wrong to do so but I've just fitted the original stand without removing the exhaust pipes. I had a quick look and the only problem was the lug that could only be fitted by removing the pipes. If you cut it down a few millimetres and redrill...
  10. Misfire.......

    Hi Folks, Got a '94 Alp with 30k miles on. Always starts first time, normally fuss free. Recently I have been experiencing some problems....Bike still starts but seems to be running on one clyinder, have to give it plenty of thottle to keep it going and performance is terrrible. After 10 mins...
  11. I've taken the plunge and ....

    Africa Twin
    Morning all. Haven't been on here for a few weeks - hope everyone is well. I've made the policy decision to sell my trusted friend, my RD04. It's being replaced with ..... a Varadero! Went to have a look at Blackbirds at Chiswick Honda at the weekend, but the guy there offered me a good deal...