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  1. Clothing
    hello there.Any help for future buying Oxford Montreal 3.0 jacket&pants? I am considering it, but dont know is it too warm for summer riding.Tnx in advance Poslato sa LYA-L09 pomoću Tapatoka
  2. Travel
    While the driving public may not have used dashboard camera systems in the past, that could change in the near future as drivers become more aware of the potential benefits. If you get into an accident or have another issue on the road, a dash cam may provide proof of what actually happened and...
  3. Transalp
    Hi, I am currently searching for new bushings and spacers (and bolts and seals) for the Pro Link rear suspension linkage, anyone know if someone are selling these parts? Mine are very rusty and I am rebuilding the whole bike so I would like to get new parts to avoid future problems. Also, does...
  4. Travel
    The Carpathian 2 Wheels Guide project is going further and we need your help!!! We want to know your preferences when it comes to traveling on a motorcycle. The questions from the form below will help us to improve our future products in such a way they will answer your every need. Please...
  5. Dominator / FMX
    I am delighted with the performance of my SLR now that I have debaffled etc. However I would be interested in any options that might be available to make the seat more comfortable or possibly a different seat that might fit Anybody use these gel packs that strap on to existing seat from a...
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    I am sure that some members are are aware that tomorrow is the day that Marty Mc Fly went back in time in Back To The Future 2 to save his old fella in that tuned up stainless steel flop of a car. How many of you lot watched the film and believed that all of the stuff you saw in the film back...
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    Moving house and found this – been kickin around in the shed a while. Think its for RD04 anyway I never bothered to fit it to my RD07a  for some reason (prob general laziness) So Thought id post it here first or will ebay it at some point in the future. £Dunno? Fiver? Offers? +£2.80 p&p PM...
  8. Africa Twin
    I wonder if anyone could measure, or already have the specs handy. What are the measurements for the 6 mounting bolts. The ones that are countersunk. I am asking as I am in Montreal, and my future RD07 is somewhere in France, and I'll be touring North Africa in 6 weeks ;-) Thanks in advance. Lee
  9. Africa Twin
    Hi In the near future I will need a rear mudguard (number plate holder) and a set of rear indicators for a RD03. Are these parts the same / compatible with those off of a RD04?
  10. Africa Twin
    Hi all, I wonder if someone have the part list for the XRV650 RD3 whom they want to share with me. Or if someone can tell me if the 650 and the 750 has the same parts in the suspension linkage. Best for the future would of cause to have the part list. Best regard Peter
  11. Dominator / FMX
    I decided to give my Dommie a shakedown this weekend because I just treated myself to a Belstaff Trailmaster which is a jacket I owned back in the day. After half an hour , the heavens opened and I am glad to say the jacket was great but my boots let the side down. The jacket only cost me €150...
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    full information here you heard it here first
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    Hi Guy's,Sorry if this has been posted before.As per the header, could you have a look at the following link and sign up to it...
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    Haven't posted for a long time, due to being on the dark side, but I'm planning to be back to the flying wing side shortly;) Advanced Tactics Unveils the AT Transformer: The Future of Roadable VTOL Aircraft and Modular Cargo Systems | sUAS News :toothy10:
  15. Africa Twin
    I'm going to have another look at a 98 T/A in the near future with a view to buying,the original rims were in good nick and I was wondering if I do buy it what would be the best way to keep the rim rot at bay or is it just inevitable it will happen at some point.
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    Picked this up yesterday, my winter hack for the time being and maybe a future project :toothy10::toothy10:
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    Well after 28 years together they have tied the knot at last ;) Here's to the future Russ & Mel Harriman :thumbright:
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    Blinkin' flip. The guy did well to stay upright. But, at least, in future, when Vader claims the tree jumped out at him, we'll have to believe him.;) Tree falls onto Motorcyclist!!! - YouTube
  19. Off Topic Lounge
    Are we sitting on the edge of something to worry about or are they setting themselves up to be the punchline of many future jokes?
  20. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ok, I had a ride out today to check out higher ground up here in the Highlands, it makes grim reading if you're planning Scotland in the near future! Here's the report on ABR; Well, ride report or weather report? You decide!
1-20 of 43 Results