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  1. ECU

    will a HONDA CBR 600F Model F3 FV FW (PC31, PC31A) work on my 1999 xl600 transalp ? or is there anyone on here have a spare ecu unit as mine has fried..... URGENT REQUEST
  2. RD04 Compatible brakes

    Africa Twin
    Found this list. May be of use to some of you. CBR400 RG/RH (NC23)** 1986 - 1987 CBR400 RRK/RRJ/RRK (NC23)** 1988-89 VFR400 RG (NC21)** 1986 VFR400 RH (NC24)** 1987 VFR400 Z** 1986-89 CB600 FSY/FS1/FS2 HORNET** 2000-03 CB600 SY FY/F2 - F4** 2000-04 CBF600 2004 -*2007*** CBR600 F3*** 1995-98...
  3. Happy Birthday fw750x

    Francis Happy Birthday to you mate Hope it's a great one Paul
  4. Happy Birthday FW750X

    Hi Francis Happy Birthday Hope you've had a great day so far
  5. Per Gunner Anderson ????

    Does anyone know is this the same man who rode in the Dakar races with the Lime green outfits . P.G.Anderson is in this weeks W.R.C. Rally Sweden . fw750x
  6. Hein Gericke Clothing

    Hi everyone does anyone own a pair of T.R.G. RALLYE LC3 Pants . I have ordered a pair size large from the local H.G. shop but they did not know what waist size they are . I am 34 inch waist 34 inch leg will they fit . fw750x:confused:
  7. Some things I wanted to say...... but never got the chance.

    Past National Meets
    There's a few things I wanted to say.......... I had really fantastic time and it was a real pleasure to see so many of you. I'm sorry I didn't get around to see all of you, but there were so many of you! If you weren't sure where I was I was in the corner with my lad Ben, in the blue Khyam...
  8. Lakes Passes Rideout - Saturday

    Past National Meets
    Lakeland Passes Rideout Saturday 8th leaving the campsite at 9.30 am (hopefully returning by 6.30 pm) It's an early start but it'll be a long day of on-road riding (approx 165 miles) with plenty of stops for leg stretches, cuppa's, grub, photo's, etc. Suitable for pillions with tight buns...
  9. ebike insurance and Morocco

    Mechanical Advice
    Have I mentioned I am going to Morocco in October?? maybe only a fw times, anyway dug out my ebike policy to check what I needed to do about green cards and find the wording: " In compliance with European Union (EU) directives the insurance provided by this policy will allow the minimum...
  10. Digital pressure Gauge

    Mechanical Advice
    About six years ago i bought a Digital Pressure Gauge made by Hilka it cost around £20 . You Press a button and it beeps and is ready to check your pressures. It beeps again when it has checked the pressure and works up to 80 p.s.i. . Last night i was in Tesco,s and saw a Digital Pressure Gauge...
  11. Help Hein Gericke hazard lights

    Africa Twin
    :confused: :confused: Hi everyone has any one fitted these to their @ . I bought a set today and due to the vague instructions i am not too sure how to wire them up . The live to the unit should go to the Red wire through a fuse and the neutral to the Blue and red wire from the ignition, But the...
  12. U Tube video

    Africa Twin
    I have posted a short video clip on UTube , It features a German Rider on a 4 wheel Africa Twin . Enter . africa twin 1994 paris dakar . I dont know how to put a link on this message enjoy .fw750x:cool:
  13. Ford Water Crossing Dungiven

    Great Roads/Routes
    Hi Everyone i found the Ford at dungiven today .The Ford is about 20 feet wide and 40 feet in length the water was around 1 foot deep and flowing quite fast the bottom is flat concrete .To get to the Ford you have to go down the Crebarkley Road.The G.P.S. Location is as follows N5454.881...
  14. Hein Gericke Wet Suit

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Hi everyone i bought a two piece Wet Suit from Hein Gericke last week .The Jacket is called the Basic II Rain Jacket and Blizzard R Rain Pants for a grand total of £54.98. Now as you will be aware these are not very expensive compaired to most Wet Gear on the Market ,Today i went for a tour of...
  15. Time to come clean all of you

    Mechanical Advice
    Following on from Simon,s posting in the @ section. Hands up everyone who has forgot to refit a part / Fitted wrong way or ends up with an extra box of bolts/ washers or whatever . I will start with me changing both my tyres on my Transalp and when refitting the front wheel onto the Transalp i...
  16. Ford water crossing in N.Ireland

    Great Roads/Routes
    Hi everyone is this the only offical " Road Signed " Ford in N.Ireland it is in Warrenpoint . The G.P.S. Location is N 54.06.293 .... W 006.13.755 . It is only about ten feet wide about eighteen inches deep but has got a very rocky bottom quite tricky to cross . fw750x
  17. Black @ spotted today in N.I.

    On the m1 and heading off to the Hillhall road direction at about 5.30 today anyone from the forum. fw750x
  18. Advise needed new chain and sprockets

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone i have just fitted new chain and sprockets both sprockets are genuine Honda and an Xring D.I.D. Chain . Apart from breaking one of the bolts when removing the front sprocket all went well . I bought two new bolts for the front sprocket and put it all back together again . I took the...
  19. Touratech Panniers

    Hi everyone A quick question regarding touratech panniers, are they made to fit specific bikes or are they standard with specific carriers. I ask this because there are some on ebay which might be of a KTM not sure if they will fit or not, the link below should show them. Any advice would be...
  20. Not so silly question

    Has not happened to me , But if a driver who is over the Legal limit crashes into you WILL his insurance company PAY to get you up and running again.Or would the insurance company wash their hands of the driver as he was over the limit .Or do you just put a claim into the Motor Insurance Bureau...