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  1. Africa Twin
    What piece of gear would you add to your @ to make it better .Something that should have been fitted as standard .My choice would be a twin light bulb setup on the rear light / brake light , Whats yours within say a £500 limit. fw600vj :scratch:
  2. Africa Twin
    This is what i heard two truck drivers saying today at a truck stop .Picture the scene me standing in my wet suit, rain bouncing off the road , freezing cold at this stage , me standing with a cheesy grin from ear to ear. I had a day off work today and covered over 240 miles from 70 m.p.h. on...
  3. Transalp
    Does anyone know if handguards from a 1991 transalp will fit a 2004 transalp ???. fw600vj
  4. Africa Twin
    You can find them at .Look under used spares.fw600vj
  5. Africa Twin
    1. Was reading the forum the other night and it was posted you could run the africa twin by bypassing the fuel pump " i assume" it will run to a certin level in the tank "by gravity feed ". thereby not needing the pump is this correct. 2 Instead of using a Honda/Peugeot pump would any electric...
  6. Africa Twin
    Hi Everyone Can you answer a few questions About Brake Calipers . 1 should the pistons that pushes out of the Caliper onto the brake pad be really hard to push in again , or should they push in without to much effort. 2 Do you need to replace the washers on the Brake Hose where it joins to...
  7. Africa Twin
    To everyone in XRV.ORG.UK for answering my questions about the @ . I have only been her a short while but i feel like i have met you in person .So can i wish you all a happy and safe new year .fw600vj :occasion9: :wav: :occasion9:
  8. Africa Twin
    Hi everyone i treated myself to some new bike gear , A combat style camo design Grey/Black/White jacket and jeans made by a company called J.T.S. , Completly waterproof ,Removable lining,with armour, .I went on a 50 mile run today and for the first time in a very long time i was as warm as...
  9. Africa Twin
    Allow between an hour and an hour and a half to fit the Crashbars . Put the bike on the centre stand . Carefully remove the shrink wrapping from the bars " this will take about ten minutes as it,s put on very tight " Remove the TOP bolt from the RIDERS footrests on both sides " The BIGGEST...
  10. Africa Twin
    Hi again everyone i have decided to get Givi Crashbars instead of the Motad Crashbars. I already have the Givi Pannier rails and the plate for the top box fitted as i used them on my transalp,I thought it would look better as the @ is black/silver/gold. Anyway a question i am assuming it will be...
  11. Africa Twin
    Has anyone got these fitted to a 1999 rd07,I looked at the Motad website but it does not list Desert Bars for the 1999 model . Anybody know do any of the other bars fit this model ,any info would be great.fw600vj :roll:
  12. Africa Twin
    Hi everyone when i was riding home from work tonight i noticed that the speedo was hard to see at the 20 mph mark.I have looked at the haynes manual and from what i can make out there is only one bulb on that side of the clocks. Are all @ dim on this side of the speedo , If the bulb is blown...
  13. Africa Twin
    I have cleaned the sump guard on my @ but there are still some black spots on it " No holes just spots ". I have tried autosol to silverflo, it takes off everything but the spots, Or would i be better leaving it in to get polished up with a buff at a local car wheel repair "they fix dents paint...
  14. Africa Twin
    Is which , I have a 1999 XRV750X @ the log book says Frame RDO7 Engine RD04 .Which number do you use for the model ??.fw600vj :oops:
  15. Africa Twin
    Has anyone had to buy a front brake lever switch "that works the stoplight" it,s for a 1999 africa twin any ideas.fw600vj :roll:
  16. Africa Twin
    Hi does anyone know can you buy a model of the xrv750 africa twin .fw600vj .francis :?
  17. Africa Twin
    Hi again can anyone tell me if i put handlebar risers on my @ will i need to buy any longer cables or is there enough lenth on them.I plan to put on 25mm risers and don,t want to find that the cables are not long enough and have to get the bus to the bike shop to order and pick up the longer...
  18. Transalp
    Hi everyone my transalp won,t start ,The engine will turn over petrol is getting to the cylinders ,My last run on the T.A. was two weeks ago the week before that i fitted new plugs,air filter,fuel filter, and covered over 400 miles over two days the bike never missed a beat .Last week i wheeled...