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  1. Thanks FWR in Kennington

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Picked up a big screw in the rear tyre on Friday while riding into work. Couldn't get to the FWR shop (Kennington) till almost 5 in the afternoon which is officially their closing time. Chris took the bike in, fixed the puncture and while the rear wheel was off realized the bearings were not in...
  2. XL700VA Transalp front wheel failing

    Hi Took my XL700VA Transalp 2008 into get the front tire replaced (was still on TW152 after 9k miles) on Friday to FWR Kennington and they found an issue with the front wheel. Initially they thought it was the bearings but when they replaced them the wheel still had left and right...
  3. Bike for DoctorLaw........again

    Mechanical Advice
    XRV ladies and gents, The fine gents at FWR in Kennington have given me a long list of repairs needed on Miss O and quried whether or not it is worht doing. Saying no would put TLD in question, as much as I love him, the Major is not a long distance alternative. Here is the list: Listed below...
  4. Race to the bottom.

    Do I hold the prize for the member with the least mechanical sympathy? I took my bike into the excellent FWR in London SE11 for them to look at the tyres (3000 miles rear, 5000 front) after I fell off two weeks ago. The mechanics all gathered round to laugh and point. So a pair of tyres...
  5. Avon Distanzias in London - today only

    I'm about to head off on a decent length trip on the Transalp and decided it would be worthwhile changing my tyres now, rather than mid trip. But I have to say it's also because, unlike many people on this site, I'm not hugely confident of Avon Distanzias in the wet, especially on the...
  6. Avon Road Riders (yes more tyres)

    Looking for new tyres.......isn't everyone (anything is better than the trailwings), FWR in London have just got the new Avon Road riders in, and they are (allegedly) very good. Has anyone here had experience of them. Also i was looking at fitting a 130 on the rear instead of the 120, does any...